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7 Best Headlights for F150 – [Bright, Plug and Play]

Bright Headlights installed on a Ford F150
Photo: Nick Mazza

If you’re looking for the best headlights for F150, look no further! In this article, I’ll give you my top recommendations for the best aftermarket headlights for your truck.

You’ll also learn about some of the key factors to consider when purchasing, so that you can select the perfect pair.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

7 Best LED Headlights for F150 – [Handpicked by Experts]

These are the brightest headlights you can choose from for your truck.

1. Best Overall – Morimoto XB LED Switchback

What I Like and Dislike

  • Easy to install
  • Utilizes six projectors
  • Offers optimal light distribution
  • The beam has proper width and intensity
  • Features UV coating on the lens
  • The transition to solid and sequential signal mode is not that smooth
  • Does not have a highly subtle outlook

One of the problems that most aftermarket headlights have is that they are not easy to install. Well, Morimoto has factored that in.

The plug-and-play configuration is the first thing that makes this offering a good pick for the best LED headlights for Ford F150.

Its wiring is pretty easy, and it will work without needing any modification at all. Just connect it into the factory connectors, and it will perfectly work on the first try.

This unit will be at the top of the list if you consider the light output. There are a total of six projectors.

Four of them are low beams, while two are high beams. For that reason, the distribution of the light will be capable of illuminating a reasonable distance.

Talking of which, its beam will be a well-defined pattern. The amount of intensity and width will be at the right level. So, you can count on it fully while driving during challenging weather conditions.

You will be well-amazed with the build of the unit. The lens is UV-coated and will pass the test of time with flying colors.

Also, the PPS plastic housing is reasonably light in weight. That means you will not have to worry about adding excess weight to the front of the truck.

2. Best Outlook – AlphaRex Black Nova

What I Like and Dislike

  • Matches with the existing accessories.
  • It offers a sporty look.
  • Utilizes an anti-fog coating on the surface.
  • Has four highly capable projectors.
  • Features a proper sequential mode.
  • It might start yellowing after a prolonged use.
  • Not that easy to install.

If you have a lot of chrome accessories installed in your truck, you might want a headlight that will go along with those, right? Consider this offering from AlphaRex.

The housing has a combination of jet black, black, and chrome highlights. It will match with any of the existing chrome accessories that might be present on the truck.

In fact, it will blend exceptionally well with the front grill. So, you will not have to worry about the headlight looking out of place.

What about the lens? Well, it integrates a polycarbonate plastic lens. Due to the layer of anti-fog coating on the lens, the beams will not have any issues in providing a better light output in extreme weather conditions.

That said, the unit features the Ice Cube 3D projector. There are a total of four projectors in this model. And the activation feature of the system will ensure that the light turns on without showing any issues.

The two low and high beams will offer more than enough to illuminate the road ahead in light output. 

On that note, the black flat LED chip of the system will make the beam comply with any of the present light laws.

It even has a sequential light mode, which will enhance your ability to make a turn or change the lane.

3. Best Value – Vland LED

What I Like and Dislike

  • Offer a good value for money.
  • Easy to install.
  • Has a good sealing on the housing.
  • Can resist dust and corrosion.
  • Utilizes proper beams to spread the light.
  • The high beam is not centered.
  • It has an aggressive look, which some users might not like.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get one of the best aftermarket headlights without breaking your bank? Well, for offerings such as this one from VLAND, that is now a reality!

Just because it comes at an affordable price point, it does not mean that you will have to go through hassles when installing the light.

In fact, the plug-and-play configuration of the unit will make the installation process feel like taking a walk in the park. There will be no need to do any splicing or modifications.

You can entirely rely on it in harsh weather because the housing has a good build quality. It can resist corrosion, dust, and other road debris. The unit also features good sealing on the exterior, which will ensure that water does not get in.

Furthermore, there are different modes. You will even have multiple options when it comes to using the turn signal. It will be possible to keep it in running light or sequential indicator mode.

Both the low beam and high beam LEDs will do a proper job of illuminating the road. And due to how efficient they are at spreading the light, it will be possible to drive safely even when the weather is not on your side.

4. Best Hybrid System – Morimoto XB Hybrid

What I Like and Dislike

  • Utilizes potent beams.
  • The installation is pretty easy.
  • Exceptionally bright and offers a wide beam.
  • It has a UV coating on the surface.
  • Sports a DRL system.
  • The fading mechanism malfunctions sometimes.
  • Sequential mode is not that bright.

Whenever the topic of the brightest headlights for Ford F150 rises, I often hear about the hybrid headlights. So, I decided to check out this offering from Morimoto. And I was not one bit disappointed!

So, what makes this bright? The unit utilizes a low beam projector and a dedicated high beam projector.

They are exceptionally powerful and can offer a bright beam on the road. As a result, you can rely on it entirely while driving the streets during the foggy weather.

There will be no need to go through any hassles when installing the system to your truck. Both the lights have OEM-style housing and will fit right in place. The wirings are easy to handle as well.

Moreover, the build quality of the unit is up to the mark. The polycarbonate lenses will be capable of handling a lot of stress.

Also, there is UV-coating on the surface. It will ensure that the lens does not turn yellow after a couple of months of use.

Additionally, the offering meets all of the DOT, SAE, and FMVSS108 laws. Also, a DRL system will automatically dim down the lights during the daytime.

As a result, the power consumption will not be that high either.

5. Best for Halogen Bulb – AnzoUSA Switchback

What I Like and Dislike

  • Sports powerful halogen lamps.
  • Exceptionally bright.
  • It has a UV coating on the lens.
  • Resistant to abrasives.
  • Provides a wide beam projection.
  • Might require splicing.
  • The clear coat peels after a prolonged use.

While looking for the best replacement headlights for F150, you might want to pick a halogen unit. If that is the case for you, you should consider this offering from AnzoUSA.

The light output will be exceptionally high as it relies on halogen projectors. In fact, it provides a better light production than most of the average LED units available on the market.

For that reason, driving on foggy winter nights will not be an issue with this.

Its projectors can provide a broad light path. Even the brightness will be exceptionally high. In other words, you will be capable of getting a clear view of the road ahead.

There is a UV coating on the lens. That will ensure that the lens does not turn yellowish. It even has an abrasive layer on the surface, which will ensure that the road’s abrasive debris does not degrade the unit’s looks over time.

The overall construction of the unit is pretty solid as well. Its build is made of high-quality materials.

And thanks to the proper sealing on the housing, dust, and water will not make their way inside. That means you can expect to get long-term use out of these headlights.

6. Best Low-Budget – AlphaRex Pro Dual Projector

What I Like and Dislike

  • Sports a polished black housing.
  • Blends well with other accessories.
  • It offers a wide light projection path.
  • Complies with DOT and SAE laws.
  • Has an anti-fogging agent on the lens.
  • Not compatible with stock HID models.
  • It does not come with any installation manual.

If you are looking for the best projector headlights under $500, you need to look at this offering from AlphaRex.

To start with, it features polished black housing. The polishing will make the unit look good with most of the other accessories that might be installed on your truck. Also, it will blend exceptionally well with the grill of the F150.

There are multiple modes. You can choose from the sequential, activation, or straight light modes, depending on your driving style.

And when it comes to light projection, the halogen projector will offer a wide path. As a result, you will be capable of getting an expansive view of the road ahead.

Moreover, the headlight complies with the laws of DOT and SAE. The plastic polycarbonate lens is pretty solid too. It will be capable of handling random projectiles in off-road terrains.

The lens even has a layer of anti-fogging agent on the surface. That will enhance the light output during harsh weather conditions and allow you to see better during foggy nights.

And the UV coating will make sure that the upper surface does not turn yellowish that quickly.

7. Best for 2009-2014 Ford F150 – AlphaRex Pro Smoke Lens

What I Like and Dislike

  • The projection technology is top-notch.
  • Blends well with the exterior of the truck.
  • High-quality polycarbonate lens.
  • Sports a UV coating on the surface.
  • Features an anti-fogging agent.
  • It might not install properly on the factory harness.
  • The weatherproof sealant is not adequate.

A smoky appearance on the lens can make the front of the lens look pretty sleek. And that is what your truck will exactly obtain if you get this offering.

Let me first talk about projector technology. It utilizes a series of patented rectangular lenses, ensuring that the projection is wide enough to illuminate most of the road.

The unit is DRL compatible too. That will allow you to switch between the available modes without facing any issues.

When it comes to housing, the manufacturer has utilized jet black housing. It will blend exceptionally well with the F150s that are from 2009-2014.

Also, for the smoky finish of the lens, it will be possible to get a sleek look on the front of the truck too.

Other than that, the lens is made of high-quality polycarbonate. It can withstand road stress and should not show any structural issues for an extended amount of time.

There is a UV coating present as well. That will lower the chances of oxidation and yellowing.

You will even find an anti-fogging agent on the lens. It will enhance the projection of the light and allow you to see the road correctly during foggy nights. Also, the coating will improve the overall brightness of the LED.

Best Headlights for F150 – Buying Guide!

Here are the essential things you need to know before you can choose the best headlights.

1. Make Sure the Compatibility

First thing first! You need to check whether the assembly will fit into your truck or not. If you end up getting the incompatible ones, you will have another headlight assembly lying inside your garage along with the stock one.

So, it is pretty crucial to check whether your F150 is compatible with the headlight you are picking.

2. Look for Correct Fitment

Sometimes, even the compatible headlights will not provide a flush fit. In such cases, you would need to go through the hassles of modifying the assembly, splicing, and other things to get the body fit inside the housing.

Instead, opt for the ones that will perfectly fit on the OEM housing of the truck.

3. Consider Your Style

One of the reasons people opt for aftermarket headlights is to get a unique outlook on the vehicle.

And if you want to obtain a unique look on the front of the vehicle, you should opt for the ones that will make the truck look different.

In this case, check the ones that come with a 3D bar or other unique features.

4. Choose High-Quality Material

Even if the headlight fits properly and offers a great outlook, you will not be capable of getting an extended use out of them if they do not have a good build.

The lens will shatter, or the interior will get damaged quickly with those. So, while choosing, ensure that the one you are picking is of high-quality materials.

5. Consider the Durability

Another thing that you need to consider while scrutinizing the available options is the lifespan.

Check how good the bulbs are. Also, consider the overall durability of the housing. Those are the factors that contribute a lot to the overall lifespan of the headlights.

6. Consider the Brightness Level

You will be upgrading to a new headlight to see the roads better, right? For that, you need to consider the brightness of the bulb inside.

Get the ones that can provide an intense and bright beam output. Those will be capable of illuminating the road in front of you properly.

Sometimes, different aftermarket headlights will offer too bright light, which can blind the other drivers. Those are not legal on the street.

And if you get caught rocking one of those headlights, the fine can be pretty huge. So, before pulling the trigger, ensure that the unit is street legal.

8. Consider the Beam Pattern

Aside from the brightness, consider the pattern. Make sure that the light projects in a wide pattern, or else there will be blind spots in front of you, which is something that you would not want.

9. Go for Plug and Play Installation

I would highly recommend getting the ones with plug-and-play configuration.

Those will be a breeze to install. You will not even have to worry about the harness or wiring.

Before You Go …

If I were to choose one among all the headlights I reviewed, my first pick would be the Morimoto XB LED Headlights. They have six projectors that are capable of optimally illuminating the road ahead even in the darkest night!

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