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7 Best Short Antennas for F150 – Better Reception and Style!

Short antenna installed on a Ford F150 truck
Photo: Leonardo Almeida

Ever faced the hassle of your F150’s stock antenna snapping on your way to the garage or a parking lot? I mean, with a 31-inch antenna, such incidents are quite expected.

To avoid such instances and drive your vehicle in style while listening to your favorite radio stations, you should get the best short antenna for F150.

Give this article a read, and you will find the suitable one for your truck.

Rydonair 7-inch Short Rubber Antenna
Best Overall

Rydonair 7-inch Short Rubber Antenna

  • Premium rubber outer construction for weather resistance & durability
  • Performs better in reception than other low profile antennas
Rydonair 13-inch Flexible Rubber Antenna
Best for Optimum Reception

Rydonair 13-inch Flexible Rubber Antenna

  • Made of premium rubber
  • Improve the look of your Ford F-150
CravenSpeed 3.2-inch Stubby Antenna
Best Stubby

CravenSpeed 3.2-inch Stubby Antenna

  • Machined and powder-coated
  • Better reception
AntennaX 5.5-inch Bullet Ammo Antenna
Best Bullet

AntennaX 5.5-inch Bullet Ammo Antenna

  • Stylish yet functional and low profile
  • Plug and Play antenna
TrunkNets 4.25-inch Bullet Antenna
Best Value

TrunkNets 4.25-inch Bullet Antenna

  • 4.25 inches tall for low-profile
  • Can last through car washes

7 Best Aftermarket Antennas for F150 That Deliver Results!

If you are confused regarding which short antenna you should get for your F150, then I have some rather unique options for you here.

1. Rydonair 7-inch Short Antenna – Best for Overall Performance

Rydonair 7-inch short antenna unboxed package
Rydonair 7-inch short antenna for F150 held on a hand
Photo: Sean Stewart

What I Like and Dislike

  • Perfect fit through compatibility
  • Hassle-free installation process
  • Low-profile and stylish look
  • Premium rubber and carbon fiber construction
  • Works with both FM and AM bands
  • Might lose radio reception at times
  • It doesn’t receive all stations

The Rydonair short antenna is a great choice for Ford F150 trucks. This low-profile antenna is designed to fit the contours of your vehicle and features a premium rubber and carbon fiber construction for durability.

It is also easy to install and works with both FM and AM bands. However, you might experience some loss in radio reception at times, and it might not receive all stations.

Customer Reviews

The best bang for your buck on this shorty antenna. It’s small yet powerful with reception. I changed the factory to this one and noticed no change in reception.

A. Mercado

Reception is definitely down on AM, especially under bridges. But the rest is good – no dealing with it at the car wash.

Eric Jean

Out in the country, it’s not great, but inside the city limits, it’s really good. I took it from my old truck and moved it to my new one. I like it.

Steve Simmons

2. AntennaMastsRus 6 3/4-inch Short Antenna – Best for Extended Durability

AntennaMastRus 6 3/4 inch short antenna
AntennaMastsRus short antenna on a Ford F150
AntennaMastRus 6 3/4 inch short antenna installed on a Ford F150
Photo: GaragePod

What I Like and Dislike

  • Easy installation with reliable compatibility
  • Can withstand car washes
  • Durable construction for longevity
  • It does not snap easily
  • The copper coil helps bring in more stations
  • May not withstand cold weather

AntennaMastsRus short antenna is designed to fit perfectly on Ford F150. This antenna is easy to install and provides reliable compatibility with your vehicle.

Its durable construction ensures longevity, making it resistant to car washes and other external elements.

The copper coil inside the antenna helps bring in more stations, while the rubberized finish prevents it from snapping easily. However, it may not withstand extreme cold weather.

Customer Reviews

The stations are coming in crystal clear and rock solid. While it’s true that it’s hard to beat a true 1/4 or 1/2 wave antenna, the 6 3/4 Original does the trick, and it also isn’t almost ripped off by car washes.

G. Ainsworth

I added it to my 2017 F150. The antenna looks good on the car, but the reception is not very stable. Some radio stations fade in and out.

Jorge Esquivel

I have had this for nearly 2 years now, been through hundreds of car washes, and it still holds up extremely well, and I have no issues listening to the radio.

K. Jesse

3. Rydonair 13-inch Short Antenna – Best for Optimum Reception

Rydonair 13-inch short antenna unboxing packaging
Rydonair 13-inch short antenna installed on Ford F150
Photo: Jon Kirk
Rydonair 13-inch short antenna on a Ford F150

What I Like and Dislike

  • Perfect fit with effortless installation
  • Made of rubber for durability
  • Offers balanced performance
  • Contains shape memory
  • Stylish with added longevity
  • Suitable for both FM and AM stations
  • May lose signal at times
  • It needs to be removed before a car wash

The Rydonair short antenna is the perfect choice for Ford F150 owners looking for a stylish, durable antenna with balanced performance.

It is made of rubber, so it is resistant to wear and tear and contains shape memory, which ensures that it keeps its shape even in extreme weather conditions.

This antenna offers excellent reception for both FM and AM stations but may lose signal at times. It is also easy to install and requires no special tools or modifications. However, it should be removed before a car wash.

Customer Reviews

This antenna is a definite upgrade of the clumsy-looking stock antenna. I find the sound quality is just as good as with the stock antenna.

Peter B.

It gets 90 percent of the stations I got with the long stock antenna. Looks way better than the stock antenna. It works just fine for me.

David Jammy

I purchased this antenna for our 2015 Roush F150 Lariat to replace a 4′ stubby antenna the previous owner installed. Reception comes in great now, and we are able to pick up the extra HD station bands. Well worth the price.

Robert W.

4. CravenSpeed 3.2-inch Short Antenna – Best Stubby and Minimal Design

CravenSpeed 3.2-inch stubby antenna for Ford F150
CravenSpeed short and stubby antenna for Ford F150
CravenSpeed 3.2-inch short antenna installed on a Ford F150

What I Like and Dislike

  • The antenna stands 3.2 inches tall
  • It does not fade or chip
  • Durable and resistant to corrosion
  • Can withstand car washes
  • Prioritizes reception and is easy to install
  • It doesn’t work in some areas
  • Can break at times

The CravenSpeed short antenna is an ideal choice for Ford F150 owners who want a low-profile antenna that offers superior reception.

This antenna stands just 3.2 inches tall and is made from a durable material that won’t fade or chip over time. It is also corrosion-resistant and can withstand car washes, making it perfect for daily use.

The antenna prioritizes reception and is easy to install, however, it may not work in some areas and can break at times.

Customer Reviews

Easy install. It works well – approximately 80-90% as effective as the really large F150 antenna that came with the truck.

Allen C.

This is a great antenna replacement and a company with outstanding customer service. I still get all the stations I got before, with some diminished clarity on a few. Overall looks great, and I still have the radio if I’m ever desperate for something to listen to.

Gabriel R.

Easy to install, but the range is very limited. If you live close to your favorite radio station, this stubby antenna will work for you. But, if you live 15 miles or more from the radio station, you will not have the same reception as you do with the stock factory antenna.

Jonathan M.

5. Ronin 4-inch Short Antenna – Best Anti-Theft Design

Ronin 4-inch short antenna for Ford F150
Ronin 4-inch short antenna installed on a Ford F150
Ronin short antenna for Ford F150

What I Like and Dislike

  • Perfect fitment and easy installation
  • 4-inch tall for sleek style
  • Matte finish for durability
  • Safe during car washes
  • It prevents it from getting stolen
  • Has reception issues
  • Loss of multiple stations

The Ronin 4-inch Short Antenna is an excellent choice for Ford F150 owners looking for a sleek, low-profile antenna with perfect fitment and easy installation.

The matte finish provides a subtle yet stylish look, and the antenna is safe during car washes, preventing it from getting stolen.

However, some users have reported reception issues and the loss of multiple stations.

Customer Reviews

We bought this for our new F150 truck because I was sick of getting out of the car each time we went to the car wash to take off the antenna. This was super easy to install and has given us great reception and quality!

Cody Jose

I was tired of hitting tree limbs and having to take off my antenna when going through a car wash. I installed this on my 2016 F150, and I do not notice any difference in quality from the OEM antenna. It is very sturdy, and I doubt I will have any issues with a car wash.

Michael Porter

It’s a great-looking antenna, which is extremely easy to install and almost impossible to remove. If you live outside of the city, it’s horrible reception. It’s pretty much permanent once you install it. I almost broke the antenna mount on my new truck.

Jeff C.

6. Short Antenna – Best Bullet Antenna

AntennaX 50-cal bullet antenna for Ford F150
AntennaX 50-cal bullet antenna installed on a Ford F150
AntennaX 5.5-inch bullet antenna installed on a Ford F150
  • Bullet style antenna for fashion
  • The 5.5-inch antenna offers style
  • Provides long-term service and does not chip
  • It can be installed easily
  • Amazing reception performance
  • Fails to get signal at times
  • It only gives static at times

The AntennaX 5.5-inch short bullet antenna is an ideal choice for those who want to add a bit of style to their Ford F150. It provides long-term service and does not chip or fade quickly.

Installation is straightforward, making it an excellent option for those who don’t have time for complicated installations.

Moreover, it has an amazing reception performance and is unlikely to fail in getting a signal. However, it may give static at times.

Customer Reviews

So far, the antenna seems pretty good. I get a little bit of static on certain stations, but I listen to my phone or XM Radio most of the time, anyway. I really got it for the look, which is awesome!

Jake Johansen

Radio signal goes in and out, but I think it might just be my area. I like it overall. It has faded a little since I’ve had it for about a year, but that’s expected of anything.

Valerie J.

7. TrunkNets 4.25-inch Bullet Antenna – Best Value for the Money

TruckNets bullet antenna installed on a Ford F150
TruckNets short antenna for Ford F150
TruckNets 4.25-inch bullet antenna installed on Ford F150

What I Like and Dislike

  • Ensures the perfect fit and easy installation
  • Provides both style and performance
  • 4.25 inches tall for low-profile
  • Resistant to both wear and tear
  • Can last through car washes
  • Poor reception
  • It does not function well

The TrunkNets bullet antenna is designed to provide Ford F150 owners with both style and performance. At only 4.25 inches tall, this low-profile antenna ensures a perfect fit and easy installation on your vehicle.

It is also highly resistant to wear and tear, making it a great choice for long-term use. The antenna can even withstand car washes without issue.

However, its small size does mean that it may not function as well as larger antennas when it comes to reception.

Customer Reviews

I loved this antenna. It looks great and feels strong. However, it clearly states that this is car wash-proof, which is not true. I went through my first automatic car wash with this, and it immediately snapped off.

Gary Hagler

The bullet shape looks cool and easy to install, but its ability to tune in to FM radio stations is poor. It’s a noticeable difference compared to the factory antenna. I’m keeping my bullet-shaped antenna because I like the look of it, and I almost exclusively listen to SiriusXM.

J. Brett

I wanted to change the super long antenna that comes with the truck. I haven’t noticed a drop in signal at all. I’m still getting HD radio and clear audio, and I like the look of the bullet antenna.

Rigo Reyes

How to Choose the Best Short Antenna for F150?

Before you get into the entire process of getting a short antenna for your F150, you should have a general idea regarding what you should be looking for and what you should avoid. 

So, I have made a list of all the factors and features that you should keep in mind when looking for a short antenna.

1. Appropriate Fitment

There is no point in getting the antenna if it doesn’t fit your vehicle.

So, go through the list of models provided in the product description – and if you see your F150 model, it will surely provide the perfect fitment. 

2. Reception Quality

You wouldn’t want to lose your favorite stations in the process of replacing your vehicle’s antenna. Therefore, you should look into how good the signal reception of the antenna is.

At the same time, you should also check if it supports both AM and FM reception. 

3. Durability

The last thing you would want to do is replace the antenna as soon as you get it. Therefore, you should look into the construction of the product itself.

Make sure it is made of heavy-duty materials – either ABS plastic or stainless steel. Also, make sure the item will not snap under stress. 

4. Car Wash Safe

Most antennas cannot withstand car washes. It also implies that they cannot withstand rain and such.

So, if you want to get an antenna that you won’t have to remove when washing your vehicle, you should look accordingly.

5. Internal Wire Quality

The internal wire quality of the antenna determines how well its reception is going to be and its durability to some extent.

Try to go for stainless steel or copper wiring, as those will ensure good performance – even at a higher cost. 

6. Design and Style

Performance is not all that matters –appearance does as well. In fact, the outlook of an antenna can change the ambiance of the vehicle as well.

Hence, you should pick the design accordingly – whether you want something sleek and modern or something flashy and heavy, it is totally up to you. 

7. Antenna Length

Since we are talking about a small antenna here, the length should be somewhere between 3-10 inches.

Anything taller than that sort of defeats the purpose – but that wouldn’t be a bad option either.

8. Ease of Installation

You wouldn’t want to seek professional help installing an antenna in your F150 – why should you spend the extra money? That is why you should go through the product’s installation process before you purchase it.

At the same time, you should also check if it requires additional tools or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Short Antenna?

A short antenna is one that is much shorter than the wavelength of the signals it is supposed to receive. That brings us to the question – how do they work then?

Well, they can still receive signals and various stations, but they are not as efficient as their taller counterparts.

What Is a Stubby Antenna?

Stubby antennas are low-profile ones suitable for transit and all sorts of applications and environments. They are usually durable and have a good signal reception.

As a result, they are quite the popular option when getting replacement antennas for trucks and other vehicles. 

What Is a Bullet Antenna?

A bullet antenna is a stubby antenna, but with a design that makes it look like a bullet. These antennas are generally long-lasting, and they tend to have good signal reception as well.

Not to mention, they are usually fit for all cars – making them a popular and fashionable option. 

Are Bullet Antennas Worth It?

If you want a short antenna that will improve the appearance of your vehicle while maintaining a proper signal reception, then bullet antennas are definitely worth it.

Not to mention, they are also very durable, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. 

Are stubby antennas any good?

Yes, stubby antennas are the new trend because they keep a low profile while maintaining durability. Not to mention, their signal reception is quite good for their length.

So, you can have a durable and fashionable antenna for your vehicle without the extra length. 

Can I Put a Shorter Antenna on My Ford F150 truck?

Yes, there is no limitation to the length of the antenna that you can put on your F150 truck. However, you should still check the compatibility of your chosen antenna with that of your vehicle.

You should find the list of the models your desired item is compatible with – so you won’t have an issue. 

Does Antenna Length Matter for the Reception?

Yes, antenna length does play a significant role when it comes to reception. Usually, the longer the antenna, the better signal reception it will have.

However, you should prioritize other factors as well when getting an antenna for your F150 because the reception is not all that matters. 

What Is the Length of the Ford F150 Stock Antenna?

In general, the length of the F150 stock antenna is 31 inches. The length usually does not vary.

But you can install an antenna according to your preferences without worrying about the stock antenna’s length because that usually does not matter. 

Will a Short Antenna Be a Problem in the Car Wash?

That depends on the antenna itself. Some short antennas can withstand car washes and anything, really. However, others need to be removed while you are washing your car.

So, you need to check whether your antenna can handle it or not before you wash your car.

Before You Go …

Even though all the antennas mentioned here are pretty impressive, I have found the Rydonair 7-inch to be the best short antenna for F150.

This product comes with a rubber and carbon fiber construction that makes it relatively durable. At the same time, it provides a decent reception signal along with ease of installation.

But if you feel like any other product will adhere to your requirements more strongly, then you should definitely go for that.

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