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10 Best Sounding Exhausts for F150 EcoBoost – [Deep Sound and No Drone Noise]

Exhaust for Ford F150 Ecoboost
Photo: Kipp Shirley

While there are many ways to make your truck sound better, one of the most popular options is to install a new exhaust system.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best sounding exhausts for the F150 EcoBoost.

So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

BORLA Atak Cat Back Exhaust System
Best Overall

BORLA Atak Cat Back Exhaust System

  • Excellent build quality
  • Smooth growling sound
MBRP Single Side Exit Exhaust System
Best Budget

MBRP Single Side Exit Exhaust System

  • High-quality yet affordable
  • Aggressive but smooth sound
BORLA S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System
Best for Mid Range Sound

BORLA S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System

  • High-quality construction
  • Mid-range sound
Roush Cat Back Exhaust System
Best Under $1000

Roush Cat Back Exhaust System

  • Increased air flow and less back pressure
  • Chrome flashed T-304 stainless side-exit tips
CORSA Cat-Back Exhaust System
Best for the Money

CORSA Cat-Back Exhaust System

  • Patented no drone, Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC) technology
  • Custom tuned, aggressive exhaust note

10 Best Sounding Exhausts for F150 EcoBoost – [Top Picks of 2023]

After investing a lot of time into researching the available models, I concluded that these are the exhausts that sound the best and are worth the money.

1. BORLA Atak Exhaust System – Best for Smooth Growling Sound

BORLA 140616BC Exhaust System

What I Like and Dislike

  • Has a praiseworthy build quality.
  • Utilizes ultra-smooth mandrel bends to maximize the power.
  • Ensures a smooth flow.
  • Guarantees a perfect fit.
  • It offers a smooth growling tone.
  • Not that affordable.
  • It might require a bit of cleaning after you take it out of the package.

So, when I was on the hunt for the best cat back exhaust, I prioritized the build quality first. And among all of the systems I have researched, this one from Borla stood out the most.

Are you wondering what made it stand out? Well, the manufacturer makes each of their system from premium and high-quality austenitic stainless steel.

And unlike the common T400 series stainless steel, the T304 series is exceptionally durable.

Even the mandrel bends on the system are ultra-smooth. Because of how smooth the mandrels are, the flow remains maximum, and the power of the system increases substantially.

Furthermore, as the system has gone through the CNC manufacturing process, there will be no need to worry about the fitting. In fact, this one is straightforward to install.

It takes reasonably less amount of time to get this installed.

When it comes to sound, the multi-core tech of the manufacturer plays an important role.

That tech ensures that the exhausts are pushed to the extreme limit. It results in a powerful yet smooth growling tone.

2. Flowmaster American Thunder Exhaust System – Best for Moderate Sound

Flowmaster 817725 American Thunder Kit

What I Like and Dislike

  • It comes with both side and rear exit tailpipes.
  • Made of high-quality material.
  • Utilize Factory hanger locations.
  • The flow is smooth.
  • Offers moderate sound in the interior.
  • The internal parts are not rust-resistant.
  • It does not ship in a good packaging.

While looking for the best exhaust system for Ford F150, I was simply not expecting to get both side and rear exit tailpipes from an option.

Well, this offering from Flowmaster surely amazed me in that regard.

As I have mentioned, this one comes with both the side and exit tailpipes. That means you will not have to repurpose anything from your old stock system.

Let me not forget to state that the mandrel-bent tailpipes are exceptional in terms of build quality. 

I am pretty surprised in terms of the sound level too. Even though it maintains a moderate or aggressive sound level on the exterior, the interior stays pretty quiet.

It does not feel like my truck is making such a powerful sound when I am driving it.

Moreover, the installation procedure is a breeze. This one utilizes the factory hanger locations, which makes the installation process easy.

There will be no need to make any sort of modifications.

Thanks to the Delta-flow tech, the flow inside the pipes is smooth too. As a result, the chances of the engine overheating due to getting cluttered will remain exceptionally low.

3. MBRP Performance Series Exhaust System – Best for Low-Budget

MBRP S5248409 4' Cat Back, Single Side Exit Exhaust System (T409)

What I Like and Dislike

  • It’s affordable.
  • Has a superior build quality.
  • Provides aggressive but smooth sound.
  • Increases the torque.
  • It bumps up the horsepower of the engine.
  • The sound might be a bit too loud for some users.
  • Not rust resistant.

If I told you that you do not need to spend that much money to get an exhaust system that sounds smooth and has a good build quality, would you believe me? Well, I am glad I researched this model.

Even though this one does not cost that much, it has a stellar build quality. The overall construction of T409 stainless steel is superior to the other T400 series that other manufacturers utilize.

For the build quality it boasts, it should last for an extended amount of time. There are weldings on the hangers. That increases the durability even further.

In terms of sound, it provides a smooth but aggressive tone. Also, because it can increase the torque significantly, you should see an improvement in terms of the engine’s overall power.

The system can even increase fuel efficiency. Wondering how? Well, it ensures a smooth flow, which keeps the engine cool.

Also, as there will be lower chances of clogging occurring, you can push the engine to the limit without worrying too much.

4. Roush Exhaust System – Best Under $1000 Budget

Roush 421985 Cat Back Exhaust

What I Like and Dislike

  • Includes all necessary hardware.
  • Made of high-grade steel.
  • Ensures a smooth and consistent flow.
  • Delivers a sporty sound.
  • Increases the horsepower and torque of the engine.
  • The fitting might not be perfect for some F150 models.
  • It cannot resist rust that well.

Are you looking for an exhaust system that can offer sporty sound for under $1000? Look no more because what you are basically looking for is this offering from Roush.

Unlike the other available systems, this one increases the airflow. As a result, the pressure on the back lowers down significantly.

That will make the engine reach its full potential and offer the highest torque and horsepower.

You will not even have to worry one bit when it comes to installing this one because the installation process is pretty easy.

It comes with all the parts you might require during the process, and the steps are pretty simple to follow too. 

Additionally, both the tips are of 304 stainless steel. As the brand utilizes the T304 series, it achieved a higher level of durability. Even the pipes are of high-grade stainless steel.

The manufacturer paid proper attention to the mandrel bending tubes. For that reason, the system can offer a smooth and consistent flow.

That will increase the performance of the engine substantially and deliver the smoothest sound.

5. Corsa Sport Series Exhaust System – Best Value for the Money

CORSA 24837 Exhaust Cat-Back

What I Like and Dislike

  • Features a No-Drone technology.
  • Circumvents the noise-canceling factors.
  • Sports an aggressive design.
  • Constructed of 304 stainless steel.
  • Easy to install.
  • Some packages might ship with the wrong tips.
  • The sound might be too aggressive for some users.

Although there are plenty of high-end exhaust systems out there, not all of them offer the best value for the money.

Well, if you were looking for one that does, keep this one in your consideration.

The first thing that makes it worthy of every penny is the patented technology it utilizes. That technology delivers no drone sound performance.

So, the sound cancellation factors will not make the truck sound like it is less powerful.

Even the outlook of the model is pretty aggressive. The custom-tuned design and the aggressive note on the rear will surely make the backside of your truck look amazing. 

People will know that you mean business when they take a look at your F150 in the parking lot.

Other than that, the build quality is exceptional. It utilizes 304 stainless steel, which I have already praised a lot in the earlier models.

You can expect this one to last for an extended amount of time without showing any signs of degradation.

Additionally, the installation process is relatively straightforward. There are no intricate parts that you will need to handle when installing this to the F150.

Also, the package bundles all the necessary hardware.

6. MagnaFlow Street Series Exhaust System – Best for Street-Friendly Sound

MagnaFlow Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System 19080 - Street Series, Stainless Steel 3in Main...

What I Like and Dislike

  • Provides street-friendly sound.
  • It keeps the interior sound low.
  • The tone remains balanced throughout.
  • CNC machined for the highest durability level.
  • Offers perfect fit.
  • Not that easy to handle the small parts that it bundles with.
  • Resistant to corrosion but not rust.

While having an aggressive sound coming out of the exhaust might sound like a great idea, you might want to opt for moderate street sound if you do not want to piss your neighbors.

And this is an excellent option in that regard.

Like I mentioned, the system offers street-level performance. That means it will be able to increase the power and torque without making the F150 sounds like a train! It also keeps the interior sound exceptionally low.

Due to the overall design of the exhaust, the tone remains balanced as well. The sound will not get deafening suddenly.

Also, there will be no droning effect, which most of the systems are notorious for.

Talking of the design, the brand has given proper attention to it. It is designed to offer a perfect and easy fit for the F150s. That means you will not have to struggle that much to get an OEM fit on your F150.

The overall construction is highly praiseworthy too. The brand utilized stainless steel. Also, the system is resistant to corrosion.

And for CNC manufacturing, the unit has a considerably higher build quality.

7. BORLA S-Type Exhaust System – Best for Mid-Range Sound

BORLA 140618 S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System (Split rear exit)

What I Like and Dislike

  • Constructed of high-quality T304 steel.
  • Ensures a smooth airflow.
  • Increases the power of the engine.
  • Delivers a medium-range sound.
  • It offers a perfect fit.
  • Drones a bit while accelerating.
  • A bit on the expensive side.

While the higher-end sounds are unique, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Well, if you were on the lookout for a system that offers medium-range sound, then this one should be your pick.

To start with, it has the same build quality as the previous model from Borla I talked about. The whole construction is of high-quality T304 stainless steel.

As you know by now, T304 is better and durable than the 400 series. So, the lifespan will be long for this one.

Other than that, the mandrel bends are also pretty smooth for this one. For how smooth the curves are, the flow will stay consistently smooth too.

And the smooth flow of air will ensure that the engine can push to its limit easily.

The system also holds the ability to increase the overall power of the engine. It increases the torque, which in turn raises the horsepower to about 7 to 10 percent more than the stock.

Thanks to the CNC manufacturing process, it will offer the perfect fit on your F150. The installation process is hassle-free too.

It comes with all of the hardware, and there will be no need to work with intricate tools to get those parts installed.

8. Rough Country Dual Exhaust System – Best for Corrosion Resistance

Rough Country Dual Cat-Back Exhaust for 2015-2021 Ford F-150 2WD/4WD - 96006

What I Like and Dislike

  • Utilizes two different stainless steel for the overall construction.
  • Resistant to corrosion.
  • Keeps the temperature in optimal range during load
  • Provides an optimal fit.
  • It has an easy installation process.
  • Cannot maintain the interior sound that low.
  • Some packages might ship with missing parts.

Even though there are plenty of durable exhaust systems out there for F150, not many can handle corrosions properly. However, the case is not the same for this offering that is from Rough Country.

First of all, it has an exterior construction of 409 stainless steel.

The higher quality material enhances the overall durability level and makes the system achieve a higher lifespan. You can expect to get extended use out of it.

Apart from being just durable, the system is resistant to corrosion. The tubing inside is of 304 stainless steel. As this tubing is of 16-gauge material, it can resist corrosion exceptionally well.

Moreover, there are dual walls on the exterior. Those will keep the temperature of the whole system in the optimal range.

In fact, even when the system is on a heavy load, the temperature does not rise that much.

The system is also designed by keeping the hanging factors in mind. For that reason, the fitting will be perfect for Ford F150.

Also, the installation process is pretty simple and straightforward.

9. Gibson Dual Split Exhaust System – Best for Deep Sound

Gibson Exhaust 69545 Stainless Dual Split Rear Performance Cat-Back Exhaust System

What I Like and Dislike

  • Utilizes a unique chambered design to offer a powerful tone.
  • The tone remains deep throughout the entire driving session.
  • It has a good build quality.
  • Makes sure that the airflow is smooth.
  • Increases the overall performance.
  • Has a small amount of drone.
  • The rumble can get too loud on highway speeds.

A powerful tone is something that most truck drivers want. But for most systems, the tone is not that deep. Well, that is where this offering from Gibson stands out.

The system utilizes a unique muffler and a unique chambered design. Due to those two, the tone that the F150 will offer will be deep and powerful at the same time. Also, the tone remains deep throughout the whole time.

When it comes to overall construction, Gibson did not cut any corners. The whole thing is of 304 stainless steel.

This grade of steel is well-known for being exceptionally durable, and the same case is prevalent here.

Even the outlook is great for this offering. It has a polished finish, which will blend exceptionally well with most of the F150s.

As there are no internal packings, the airflow is going to be smooth as well.

Talking of which, when the airflow remains smooth, the engine will have a lower chance of overheating.

So, it will be pretty easy for you to get the maximum performance out of your F150.

10. aFe Mach Force XP Exhaust System – Best for Leak-Free Performance

aFe 49-43041-B MACH Force XP 4' Cat-Back Exhaust System with Black 6' Tip for 2011-2013 Ford F-150...

What I Like and Dislike

  • It offers a perfect seal.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Provides a perfect fit.
  • The bushings stay in place during higher loads.
  • Absorbs high pitch sounds effectively.
  • Some packages might ship with broken clamps.
  • Drones a bit when the truck is on the highway speed.

Most of the manufacturers will skimp a bit on the sealing of the exhaust systems. However, aFe is not one of them, and this offering is a perfect example of that.

Unlike most of the other systems, this one has high-quality flanges and clamps. Those band clamps and flanges are all OEM style, which makes it capable of offering 360 degrees seal.

So, there will be no chances of air going out of the tubes.

Additionally, for the OEM style of the parts, the installation process will be easy. The brand focused on keeping the mounting locations just like the factory style. That makes the whole installation process hassle-free.

Talking of installation, the fit that you will get will be perfect. There are OEM-style bayonet hangers, which maintain a stable pipe location.

Even when there is high vibration or heat, the bushings stay in place. 

The sound it offers is pretty aggressive but smooth. The mufflers ensure a free flow of air that actually maintains the smooth nature of the tone.

And they will also ensure that high pitch sounds are adequately absorbed.

How to Choose the Best Sounding Exhaust for F150 EcoBoost?

You might be wondering what things that I considered when I was scrutinizing the offerings.

Well, I kept the crucial factors in my mind. The factors that I am basically referring to here are as follows:

1. Exhaust Type

As you know by now, there are three types of exhaust systems out there. Among them, the two that are easy to install are the axle-back and cat-back. The header-back comes in a complete kit and will require a good amount of effort.

That is why I excluded header-back out of my consideration. Instead, I focused on axle-back and cat-back.

However, there are not that many sound variations available for the axle-back. All of them offer a similar type of roaring sound.

For that reason, most of my recommendations are cat-back. These are easier to install, and there are plenty of sound variations available for this type.

2. Sound Profile

Aggressive sounds are something that all truck drivers want. However, there are different levels of aggression.

The awful sounding ones are the models that tend to go awful loud. Those are the ones that you would want to stay away from.

Instead, opt for the units that can offer aggressive sound without providing too much high pitch tone. Those will be pleasing to the ears and will be highly capable of making your truck sound powerful.

3. Durability

Stainless steel is basically the go-to material for manufacturers. However, there are variations in terms of stainless steel. The two grades that the brands will utilize are the 400 series and the 300 series.

I would recommend opting for something that has 304 stainless steel construction.

These usually have a higher durability level and can withstand tough and rough road conditions easily.

On that note, the T409 series is not that far behind when it comes to durability. So, those are a great pick too.

4. Performance Boost

In my opinion, if the exhaust system can ensure proper airflow, it should be capable of bumping up the performance. And being capable of guaranteeing an adequate airflow will depend on the design.

Make sure that the one you are choosing has a proper tube design. If the tube design is not correct, there will be clutter inside.

And when there is clutter inside the tubes, the chances of the engine getting hot will remain high.

On the contrary, the ones that ensure proper airflow ensures that there are no clutters.

As a result, the temperature of the engine remains optimal, which increases a performance boost.

5. Drone Noise

Another factor that will depend on the overall design is the drone sounds that some exhausts make. While a small amount of droning sound is not that noticeable, some of the models make loads of it.

If the design is not proper and it cannot offer the right fit on the F150, it will make loads of droning sound. 

My recommendation would be to opt for the models that have gone through CNC machining. Those ensure a proper fit, which eliminates the chances of them making the droning noise.

6. Ease of Installation

Like I mentioned earlier, most of the cat-back models will have a straightforward installation process.

However, some of the brands can make things challenging. They will include a lot of intricate parts, which complications the installation process.

Instead of opting for those, I would highly recommend getting the ones that are easy to install.

By getting them, there will be no need to go through any hassles in terms of setting the exhaust on your F150.

7. Price

Finally, consider the price. Some options will cost you more than $1500 but will offer a low-value proposition.

In comparison, there will be options under that price range and offer a comparatively higher value proposition.

Instead of spending more than you have to, opt for models with a better value proposition. Those will be worth every penny that you spend.

Frequently Asked Questions – [FAQs]

What Is a Single Exit Exhaust?

The single exit systems are those that utilize one pipe to route the gases out of the vehicle. Usually, most of the OEM exhaust systems are single exhausts.

What Is a Dual Exit Exhaust?

As the name suggests, the systems that will utilize two pipes to route the gases out of the vehicle are dual exit exhausts. Most of the aftermarket exhaust systems are dual exit systems.

What Is a True Dual Exhaust?

True Dual exhausts are basically two exit exhaust systems. However, unlike the regular dual exit systems, these will be capable of offering a higher airflow. Also, the pipe for each head will have a separate exit path.

Can You Make an EcoBoost Sound Good?

Yes, absolutely! Just get yourself a good-sounding exhaust system for your F150 Ecoboost. There are plenty of options out there, but I would recommend getting the cat-back systems as they are easier to install.

How Much Does an Exhaust Cost?

The price of the models is all over the place. There are plenty that will be more than $2000. However, I would recommend not cross that $2000 mark. Also, do not go below $500.

Are Aftermarket Exhausts Any Good?

It depends. Just like the aftermarket car parts, not all of the aftermarket exhausts are good. The ones that check all of the essential criteria are actually the good ones.

Is a Cat-Back Exhaust Worth It?

As I have mentioned earlier, the cat-back systems are pretty easy to install. Also, they come in different sound configurations. Considering that, I would say that they are 100 percent worth it!

Is a Cat-Back Exhaust Loud?

Usually, most of the cat-back exhausts offer an aggressive sound. However, if the design is right, the system will be able to lower the high-pitch tones, which will make the sound smooth and not too loud.

Is It Hard to Install a Cat-Back Exhaust on Ford F150?

Among the three types of exhausts, the cat-back and axle-back systems are the easiest to install. These do not require you to handle too many intricate parts. So, no, most of the cat-back systems are not hard to install.

Are Aftermarket Exhausts Legal?

It will depend on the sound level. For example, in California, if the exhaust offers a sound level higher than 95 dB, it would be illegal. Also, most of the aftermarket exhausts will usually have a sound level close to 90 dB.

Is a Cat-Back Exhaust Legal?

As long as the sound level is below 95 dB, it will be legal. However, some areas made the de-cat exhausts illegal.

Does Cat-Back Exhaust Void the Warranty of Ford F150?

It depends. Ask your dealer before making any modifications to your vehicle. Some dealers will allow it, while some will not.

Does Cat-Back Exhaust Add Horsepower?

Yes, they do. For smoother airflow, the horsepower can increase from 7 to 10 percent.

Does Cat-Back Exhaust Increase MPG?

As the efficiency of the engine increases after installing one of these, the mpg will increase too. It will be anywhere from 2 to 10 percent.

Before You Go …

I am highly impressed with the performance of BORLA Atak and in my opinion, it is the best sounding exhaust for F150 EcoBoost.

That model has an excellent build quality and offers a smooth growling sound that I am pretty sure you will love too.

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