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Can You Lock a Tonneau Cover? – [Soft, Roll-Up, Hard Covers]

Tonneau covers are a really good investment. It not only protects your cargo from theft and bad weather conditions, but it also helps with gas mileage and cutting down gas charges.

You might be wondering, what if you have to leave cargo in the truck for a while, or leave your truck outside in extreme weather?

Can you lock a tonneau cover? Yes, you can. There are many types of locks available that you can use on your tonneau covers. These locks can keep your cargo secure and truck safe from rainwater, snow, theft, and anything!

Why Should You Lock Your Truck Bed Cover?

In case you are unsure whether you really need to lock these covers, here are some reasons you need to keep in mind:

High-Security: It matters how you are using your pickup truck, but I am sure you want your goods on the bed of the truck to be completely secure.

The openness of the trucks does make a lot of us worry, so getting a good quality lock will really help you out!

Keep Away Unwanted Materials: For tonneau covers that remain open on one end, like soft covers, any leakage can be found on the bed of the truck.

To avoid this or any dust or dirt to flow into your truck, you should lock it up.

Can You Lock a Tonneau Cover?

Some tonneau covers come with special locks, while some don’t. This depends on the type of cover you are buying.

You might have to spend extra to buy special locks for your covers. These truck bed covers are generally key operated. 

While spending more to lock may put you off if you are on a budget, I highly recommend getting proper locks if you are carrying valuable cargo and leaving them out alone for long.

If you are turning your truck into a travel trailer, you should definitely have a good tonneau cover and lock

Below, I talk about three types of tonneau covers and whether you can secure them with a lock or not.

Do Soft Tonneau Covers Lock?

Soft tonneau covers are the flexible kind.

So, you must be thinking, how can it be secured when it can just be cut through? Someone could steal the products inside, or water might leak inside

But there are ways you can secure a soft tonneau cover. While you cannot lock it as you can do to hard folding or retractable covers, you can use the tailgate as a lock.

Even manufacturers of the product create it in a way where you can attach the ends to your tailgate and have it act as a lock. 

If the material can be cut through, it won’t be protected from sharp objects, but it will provide a more secure look and prevent any dirt or water to seep through inside.

Do Hard Folding Tonneau Covers Lock?

Tonneau covers that are made of hard materials are the best in terms of security. These can come with a lock itself, or you can buy separate locks for these.

If your cover does not come with a lock, you have to find the one that works best for your truck and cover. 

Hard folding covers locking means an intruder cannot cut or destroy the material to go in.

For extra security, you can also even buy locks to secure it to the tailgate. That way, even if someone tries to break in from above, they cannot.

Other than keeping your cargo hidden, the hard material keeps any water, snow, or dirt away.

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