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Can You Replace the Velcro on a Tonneau Cover? What Is the Cost?

Some people drive trucks because their day-to-day tasks involve transporting cargo. Others drive them for the overall aesthetic appeal of the vehicle or to improve the aerodynamics.

Regardless of the reason you own and drive a truck, you should use a tonneau cover to protect the bed.

The velcro used to fasten the tonneau cover in place is a great and strong adhesive, but it can wear and tear from prolonged use or even sun damage.

So, can you replace the velcro on a tonneau cover? I wouldn’t say the process is quick, but yes, you can replace the velcro.

Is It Possible to Replace the Velcro on a Tonneau Cover? 

Obviously, it is. And the process is quite easy as well. But why would one want to replace the velcro?

As I mentioned earlier, sun damage is a common cause for velcro to stop sticking. Another reason is dirt and dust accumulation within the hooks.

On your tonneau cover, the hooked part of the velcro is what is facing outwards, which is why it gathers the most dirt and debris. 

Tonneau covers should be tight and firm when you put them on the truck bed. If you see that it is no longer sticking on properly, then I suggest you replace that velcro. 

Certain brands of tonneau covers will already give you an extra strip of velcro if it covers the warranty period.

But you don’t need to worry because there are good quality replacements for velcro on the market that you can choose and install yourself.

How Much Does a New Velcro Replacement Cost?

If you ask me about the cost and feasibility of replacing the velcro, then I would definitely vouch for it. The hook side tends to get damaged, which is placed on the rail of your truck.

Unlike the loop strip that is a part of the tonneau cover itself, the hooked part can be removed and replaced with a new strip.

Considering the quality of velcro strips for your tonneau cover, the heavy-duty ones will cost a bit more. However, depending on the brand, hook side strips will cost anywhere ranging from $25 to $50. 

I cannot stress enough about getting the better quality ones. Even if they end up being on the pricier side, I can assure you it will be worth it, and you’ll be able to make great use of it.

A few brands offer the loop side of velcro as replacements that you can purchase, which cost as low as $10. However, remember that these might not always be compatible with the type of tonneau cover you already have. 

So if you go on and buy a low-cost loop strip velcro, you’ll have to spend more money to adjust all the modifications.

How to Choose a Replacement Velcro for Your Tonneau Cover? 

First and foremost, I should remind you that a replacement velcro will only work for a soft roll-up tonneau cover.

There is no use in buying a new velcro strip if your tonneau cover is retractable, hinged, folding, or a hard roll-up type. Those types of tonneau covers use different mechanisms to stay in place. 

I’ve decided that there are two things you should keep in mind that will help you choose the right replacement velcro:

Manufacturer of the Tonneau Cover:

Although you can find heavy-duty velcro strips in your local hardware store, sometimes your tonneau brand will already supply you with an extra strip of velcro. 

Manufacturers such as Access and Truxedo are known to provide an additional hook side strip, given that your product warranty covers it.

If all of these points check out for you, I strongly suggest you contact the place you bought your tonneau cover from and get that replacement velcro.

Cost Considerations:

Like all other car products, there are cheap and expensive things. It depends on how much you want to commit.

Cheaper options won’t take you too far, but if you don’t mind frequent replacements, then be my guest. 

If you’re willing to spend more, I advise you to get a heavy-duty one that will last longer.

What Is a Good Replacement Velcro for Tonneau Cover?

After a lot of research and opinions from community forums, I have found that the TruXedo and Access velcro bands are of the best quality.

Both of these replacement velcro strips come from great manufacturers, so you don’t have to worry about quality and durability.

The prices are also reasonable, and there are no tricky parts to the installation. A great thing about these is that they are compatible with many other tonneau covers from the same line. 

So once again, you don’t have to worry about it not being the right fit, they will fit and work just fine.

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