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Can You Stand and Walk on a Tonneau Cover? Don’t Ruin It!

Trucks need a little cleaning and caring every now and then. Now to clean the roof of your truck properly, you thought of standing on your tonneau cover and then cleaning it. But is it safe, though?

Many folks, like you, attempt to clean their truck’s roof or tonneau cover by standing on the tonneau cover. In other cases, people stand on top of the truck to load or unload items from the vehicle’s back.

But is it safe? Can you stand on a tonneau cover? Standing on a tonneau cover would be an option if you have a sturdy, durable, and flexible cover that can withstand big loads. 

Let us find out together whether or not it is safe for you to stand on a tonneau cover.

What Should You Know Before You Stand on a Tonneau Cover?

The first thing to know is that it is not suggested to stand on your tonneau cover. But if you insist on standing on one, you should know about it first. Please check the material of your tonneau cover beforehand.

There are multiple types of tonneau cover out there. Not every one of them was prepared to take a person’s weight. The weight capacity entirely depends on the tonneau cover’s material. So, we suggest you look at the manual too.

If it is a hard tonneau cover, it may withstand a person’s load, but not for long. The soft tonneau covers are not even prepared for this, so it is better if you just don’t take the risk.

Can You Stand on a Tonneau Cover?

We have already mentioned that the whole idea of standing on the tonneau cover depends entirely on the material and type of cover you are using.

Yes, you can stand on your tonneau cover in one sense if the material is aluminum, fiberglass, etc., which are basically used to make hard tonneau covers.

Some of the hard tonneau covers, like Tyger Auto Tonneau Cover, can withstand loads up to 500 lbs. So, if you have one of these covers, you can easily stand on it.

If the weight is evenly distributed, the tonneau cover may support more. But if you want to stand on the cover, you run the risk of putting too much weight on one location and damaging the cover.

It doesn’t matter how much weight a tonneau cover can hold; you should never stand on it. Get some ladders or a stool if you need a place to stand.

Can You Walk on a Tonneau Cover?

The sort of tonneau cover you have had much to do with the answer. If you own a hard or fiberglass tonneau cover, you may be able to move on the cover, wash your truck, or complete your task.

It’s essential not to put too much pressure on the cover and to double-check before attempting to walk on it.

How Strong is a Tonneau Cover?

Hard and fiberglass tonneau covers are the strongest of the many tonneau cover types. You can rest certain that your goods are well-protected with one of these two tonneau covers.

If you have extra stuff with you that you cannot fit under the cover, you can just put them on your cover depending on its weight capacity.

But, using a tonneau cover as a platform to stand on is not recommended. There are occasions when 400-500 lbs. of weight can be supported.

However, this is not always the case. Tonneau covers are strong for your cargo but not for you to stand on. They may shatter if there is too much weight on them.

How Much Weight Can a Tonneau Cover Hold?

The kind and class of tonneau cover determine this. A tonneau cover’s maximum load capacity is typically 110 lbs.

But it can hold only up to this level if it is a hard tri-fold, one-piece, or retractable cover. Any soft tonneau covers aren’t designed to take your weight.

However, if you are willing to spend more, you may be able to get tonneau covers that are designed to accommodate a person standing on top of them.

How Much Weight Can a Soft Tonneau Cover Hold?

Soft tonneau covers are cheap and not that much secured even for your cargo. These covers can either be folded or retracted.

Vinyl is the most common material used for soft tonneau covers. On average, soft tonneau covers have a weight capacity of 15-30 lbs.

How Much Weight Can a Hard Tonneau Cover Hold?

When people think of buying a tonneau cover, hard tonneau covers are their first choice as they are strong, secure, and take much weight.

Some people might think that all hard tonneau covers are one-piece, but it is not valid. You will find foldable hard tonneau covers too.

Hard tonneau covers can take a weight of up to 50-100 lbs considering the material and the manufacturer. You don’t have to worry about the distribution of weight here.

This means you can put the whole 110 lbs on one point.

How Much Weight Can a Fiberglass Tonneau Cover Hold?

This tonneau cover can hold more weight than any other one. The design of this cover helps it carry more weight. It has a honeycomb grid design to offer increased strength and longevity. 

This unique design of fiberglass tonneau cover helps it to distribute pressure and weight evenly. The fiberglass tonneau cover is your best option if you’re looking for a cover that can handle between 80-110 lbs.

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