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Can You Use Armor All and Tire Shine on a Tonneau Cover? 

The usage of Armor All and Tire Shine on your tonneau covers has been controversial. Both are effective at deep cleaning and enhancing your truck’s appearance. But can you use Armor All and Tire Shine on a tonneau cover?

While Tonneau cover protectants like Tire Shine usually keep covers in top condition, Armor has been found to totally fry them. This is often why users strongly advise against using Armor, in contrast to Tire Shine.

Here, we will tell you in detail about using Armor All and Tire Shine on a tonneau cover. 

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Should You Use Armor All and Tire Shine on Tonneau Cover?

The answer is no and yes! In general, Armor All isn’t a fantastic option. Its primary function is that of a degreaser. Using it on the covers is a no-no.

Although, it can be used sparingly and only on the canvas surface of your cover if you run out of other options. 

And about Tire Shine, yes, it is a safer option, but not completely recommended either. You will have to be extra careful and ensure that no coating is formed on the plastic as a result of the

Can You Use Armor All on a Soft Vinyl Tonneau Cover?

We don’t advocate using Armor All on a tonneau cover. Armor All will destroy your pricey roll of treated canvas in your truck bed.

Use specialized bed-lining products. They’ll safeguard your tonneau cover over time.

Can You Use Tire Shine on a Soft Vinyl Tonneau Cover?

The answer is yes if the vinyl cover is of a soft variety. If it’s constructed of rigid plastic, then probably not. 

When washing a tonneau cover with a cleaner based on water and mild soap, you should avoid spraying water or cleaners directly onto the cover.

That is because the vinyl fabric of vehicle covers is resistant to their absorption.

After cleaning the surface with a damp cloth, remove any trace of soap residue utilizing an unspoiled, gentle cloth that has been soaked in plain water.

What Should You Use to Protect a Soft Vinyl Tonneau Cover?

There are several brands of specialty protectants explicitly designed for vinyl tonneau covers, with advanced UV blockers in a dirt-repellent, non-silicone solution. 

You can try the top-recommended products from your manufacturer to protect the tonneau cover of your truck. However, we highly recommend the 303 Aerospace as it is an ultra-powerful, UV protectant top cleaner for vinyl and fabric convertibles.

It removes even the most stubborn stains; excellent for tonneau covers. Among other applications removes all traces of dirt and grime.

Furthermore, Soft and hard tops can be safely cleaned with this product. It is a user favorite and it proudly claims to be the most powerful cleaning agent ever devised.

However, no matter how amazing a product is, it is still a must to understand that cover cleaners are evaluated on a number of different factors. So, let’s not waste any more time and dive deep into those criteria!

Things to Consider Before Buying & Using a Tonneau Cleaner

These are some of the few things you should keep in mind before proceeding. 

Step 1: Tonneau Cover Material

When looking to buy a tonneau cover cleaner, the first thing you should consider is the covers’ construction material. This is since tonneau covers are available in various designs and styles. 

When protecting your vehicle, it’s always best to invest extra money. One of the most prevalent sorts of substance is fiberglass, followed by materials like aluminum, vinyl, and a soft cloth. There is a cleaner that is designed specifically for each of these materials. 

After all, a high-quality product should extend the cover’s life and improve its appearance. Isn’t that a gain?

Even if you’re unaware of what material your cover is made of, you can find out by contacting the company that created it what cleaning is best for it.

The pricing starts with anywhere between $200 to $2000. Select any based on your cover’s need and budget.

Step 2: Clean as Directed

Next, after examining the tonneaus on your truck, you should make it a point to read the instructions included with the cover, as certain models may have specific cleaning suggestions. 

When cleaning the cover, most manufacturers suggest using a mixture of soap and water that is about half and half. Tonneau covers may be simply refreshed again with this simple and inexpensive way!

Remember that subjecting your truck’s paint finish to a harsh cleaner will almost certainly result in irreparable damage to the finish.

So, the main line is that you need to clean or polish your truck bed cover regularly to get the most out of it and get your money’s worth out of it. 

According to research, over eighty percent of people who use tonneau covers clean them once per month or as required. 

But if you are still going to use Armor All or Tire Shine, then apply those once in 6 months to clean your covers.

If you do not correctly maintain your cover, the dirt will ultimately build up, increasing the likelihood that it will become scratched or damaged in the long term.

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