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Ford F150 Transmission Fluid Dipstick Location – [All Generations]

Struggling to find the Ford F150 transmission fluid dipstick location? No worries, I’m going to help you with that!

Older Ford F150 trucks have their transmission dipstick under the hood. In the newer Ford F150 with the sealed transmission, you will find the dipstick (transmission fluid level indicator) under the vehicle on the transmission body itself.

From 2009 to 2017, Ford has come up with different transmissions, and in different transmissions, the dipstick is located differently.

In this article, I’ll try my best to give you a complete understanding of the F-150 transmission fluid dipstick locations and some other closely related topics.

All Ford F150 Transmission Fluid Dipstick Locations – [Detailed Guide]

In this section, I will discuss about different dipstick locations of Ford F150s.

Where Is the Older Ford F150 Transmission Fluid Dipstick?

In older versions of F150, the dipstick is located under the hood, on the engine bay. To be more specific, it will be on the left side of the engine.

Open the hood and search for the dipstick on your left side. It should come with a yellow top; however, some come in different colors. You might see the handle in red or black as well.

Where Is the Newer 2009+ 6R80 Ford F150 Transmission Fluid Dipstick?

Many say that the 2009+ 6R80 F150 doesn’t come with a transmission fluid dipstick! Like traditional models, the dipstick on 2009+ 6R80 isn’t on the engine bay; you won’t find it under the hood, even if you look for years.

The dipstick on the 2009+ 6R80 F150 model is not a traditional one and is smaller than the older versions. Hence, Ford says there is no dipstick on the 6R80 automatic transmission! Despite calling it a dipstick, Ford uses the term “transmission fluid level indicator”.

To get the dipstick, go underneath the vehicle on the passenger side. Locate the transmission and look for a plug that looks like a hex nut.

You will need a 19mm wrench to loosen the plug. Turn the plug counterclockwise with a wrench and slowly remove the plug.

The plug isn’t attached to the dipstick, but still, when removing the plug, that also brings the dipstick (transmission fluid level indicator).

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Where Is the Newer 2017+ 10R80 Ford F150 Transmission Fluid Dipstick?

In 2017+ 10R80 F150, the dipstick is also located underneath. Get underneath the passenger seat, locate the transmission, and then you should see a hex-nut-like plug. 

Unscrew it with a 19mm wrench and take out the dipstick. It is surely a hassle to take out the dipstick from underneath.

How to Check Older Ford F150 Transmission Fluid With Dipstick?

Like any other major component of the car, checking on transmission from time to time is also mandatory. Because how smooth and fast your car will go largely depends on the transmission.

And one of the most important components of transmission is the transmission fluid. The transmission will work fine only when it has the right fluid in the needed amount, making it necessary to keep a tab on the transmission fluid.

And that’s exactly what I’ll be showing you, now –

  • First, park your car on a level surface and open the hood.
  • Turn your car on and let the engine heat up for a while. You should not check on the transmission fluid when the engine is cold; that will give you the wrong information.
  • Keep the car running for at least 3-5 minutes to warm it up so that the transmission fluid gets thin.
  • Now find the dipstick. In most f150, you should see the dipstick on the engine bay with either a yellow, red, or black handle.
  • Pull the dipstick out and wipe it off with a used cloth. 
  • Then put the dipstick into the transmission fluid reservoir; make sure you go all the way down with the dipstick.
  • Now you can pull the dipstick out and check the indicator marks on the stick to determine how much fluid there is.

When you are checking the transmission fluid, make sure to be very careful. The engine will be warm, which can cause burn, and trust me; you don’t want that!

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  1. I have a 97 FI50 4.6 and recently have ran it low/high on trani fluid but have reverse but all other gears except 2nd on gearcollum autoshifter it won’t roll back , changed fluid/filter same results.


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