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How to Program a Spare Key for a Ford F150? (With 2 Existing Programmed Keys)

If you don’t know how to program a spare key for a Ford F150, follow this article for detailed information. 

How to program a smart key? The process of programming a smart key requires at least two previously programmed keys to inset in the backup slot.

Insert one previous key to the cup holder slot and hit the push button two times within 5 seconds of difference. Then do the same with another key, and lastly, insert the non-programmed key and hit the push-button again. 

How to program a flip key? To program a flip key, you need to insert two previous keys into the ignition one by one, then turn it on and off within three seconds and do the same with the other key.

After that, put your non-programmed key for turning on and off the ignition once again.

With no expert equipment or knowledge, we can configure or reset the remotes from our driver’s seat in a matter of minutes.

What Are the Different Key Options for Ford F150? 

Older versions of the F150 have the flip key system. Most of the newer versions of trucks have a smart fob key system

So, what does a key fob mean? For your car, security is the biggest concern. A fob key has a built-in technical security solution that ensures your safety with proper authentication.

The authentication happens on your smart devices. It can be your computer, cell phone, or any network service. 

Similar to other authentication processes, it sends an access code to your key fob. The code changes every half to one minute. Users will first enter a personal identification number (PIN) on the key fob, followed by the current code shown on the device. 

As far as the smart key is concerned, it is a part of the fob that comes with the vehicle. A smart key is a keyless locking and unlocking device that allows the car to start with a push-button. 

Ford F150 comes with 2 keys. But if you want to program a spare key for your future convenience, you will need to follow certain procedures for both the flip key and the smart key.

Important Note: You must keep all the previously programmed keys with you while programming a new key.

How to Program a Smart Key for a Ford F150 With Push-Button Start?

Take all your programmed keys to start the process. We’ll need at least two previously programmed intelligent access keys. And a new non-programmed intelligent access key to complete this operation.

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  • Turn your vehicle on first. And also, close all doors and windows before starting the procedure. Then we need to follow the steps below.
  • First, we need to press the push-button ignition switch after inserting the first programmed key into the backup slot in the center console. Then, in the ignition, we have to insert the first key, which is already programmed.
  • After five seconds, we need to hit the push-button ignition switch once again. Toggling the ignition switch from off to on is the next step. We need to turn on the ignition for not less than three seconds. And do not hold it for over ten seconds.
  • We have to withdraw the intelligent access key to continue the operation. After that, we will require removing the first coded key from the ignition and turning off the car.
  • Now, take the second programmed key and put it into the backup slot like the previous one. For the transition, you will have only ten seconds in your hand.
  • After that, we’ll hold down the push button switch for three seconds, but not more than ten seconds, before turning off the ignition. Then, we must insert the second one, which is also already coded.
  • After five seconds, press the push-button ignition switch one more time. We’ll now turn the ignition on and off. Then we have to follow the same process and maintain the time duration as before.
  • The intelligent access key will be removed once more. After that, turn off the ignition by taking out the second previously programmed key.
  • Now, we must insert the non-programmed intelligent access key into the backup slot and turn on the vehicle using the push-button ignition switch.
  • We’ll have to place the new non-programmed key into the ignition after three seconds, but no later than ten seconds. It needs to be done after turning off the ignition and withdrawing the previously programmed coded key.

After that, the programming will be done, and we can check that by operating the remote-control functions of the new intelligent access key.

How to Program a Flip Key for a Ford F150?

Take all your programmed keys before starting programming a new one. To program a key on our own, we’ll need at least two already programmed keys (keys that currently work on our vehicle’s engine) and the new key (s) easily available for each stage in the method to be completed on time.

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  • To begin, we have to first take the previously programmed key and insert it into the ignition. Now turn the key on from the off position. (hold the key in the ON position for more than one second and less than ten seconds).
  • Now turn the ignition switch back to the OFF position while removing the first programmed key.
  • We must enter the other programmed key into the ignition and repeat the same process that we did for the first one. Don’t forget to complete the process in three to ten seconds.
  • While removing the key from the ignition, your ignition should be in the OFF position from the ON position.
  • Now it’s time to enter your new non-programmed key or the valet key. Enter the new one into the ignition from the OFF position to the ON position. The time duration for switching the position is three seconds to ten seconds. And now your new key is all set to work. It is your new programmed key now.

The newly programmed key (s) is ready to start your engine, and you will be able to activate the remote functions automatically. 

Though you may program your own key(s) with this technique, we recommend that you use a local automotive locksmith or a local dealership in most circumstances. 

They’d have the necessary programming equipment to match your remote key fob with your automobile. They’d be able to cut the key to suit your door and ignition as well.

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