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How to Protect and Care for a Soft Vinyl Tonneau Cover?

Nowadays, people rely a lot on tonneau covers. They are great for safely transporting valuable belongings.

Besides, they do wonders by increasing the security and gas mileage. So, it’s wise to consider purchasing a tonneau cover.

But how to protect and care for a tonneau cover? Well, it’s easy to do. Check out the guide below.

How to Protect a Soft Vinyl Tonneau Cover?

There are a number of reasons why these covers are so susceptible to weathering and ageing.

But there’s no need to panic! Because Vinyl tonneau covers can be protected with specialized solutions from a number of brands.

My Recommended Cleaner

However, if you google, you’ll notice that the first two brands that will probably come up are 303 Aerospace and Wolfsteins.

Both the products are ultra-powerful, best at resisting the growth of dirt and grease, and are also considered the top cleaners for vinyl and fabric convertibles.

Moreover, the 303 Aerospace solution is suitable for soft and hard tops, and the Wolfsteins is specifically for exterior and interior commercial vinyl goods.

These two have proven to be fan favorites for decades. So, you can absolutely trust these brands to bring back the ultimate shine on your tonneau cover.

However, there is not always only one solution to a problem, right? You should also consider thorough cleaning of the covers as it is another major way to protect your Tonneau Covers and restore them to their former gleaming glory!

How to Care for a Soft Vinyl Tonneau Cover?

All done in the cleaning part! Now it’s time for some caring tips:

  • A regular inspection of your tonneau cover should reveal any abnormalities. Better to keep an eye on the cover.
  • Check tonneau cover hardware and clips before cleaning. Test your cover’s functionality by sliding it open and close.
  • Even when you’re not actively using it. Lubricate the rails as necessary to avoid unnecessary traction and wear.
  • Heavy gear can induce sagging and harm to your tonneau cover. When stacking equipment, check the owner’s manual for weight limits and distribute it evenly.
  • Never use vinyl dashboard cleaners to prevent color fading or deterioration. Use a vinyl cleaner only to maintain vinyl covers.

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