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How to Tell If Your Ford F150 Has Remote Start? – [Easy Method]

You own a Ford but are wondering if your Ford F150 has a remote start or not? There is a huge chance that your Ford F150 has remote start functionalities. This usually helps you get started on ignition being about 300ft away from the car. 

How to tell if your Ford F150 has a remote start? The most straightforward approach to understanding if your Ford is equipped with a remote start is checking your electronic key fob.

If you find a button on the fob that says “2x” and is surrounded by a circle accompanied by an arrow, be sure that your F150 has the functionality of a remote engine start.

Determining if your Ford F150 has a remote start is not as hard of a task as you might think it to be. All you would require is to understand how the remote works, and you’ll be good to go. 

My guide here will help you get some insightful answers regarding the Ford F150 remote start functionality.

How to Tell If Your Ford F150 Has Remote Start?

The simplest way to tell if your Ford F150 has remote start is by checking out the key fob. You should be looking for an arrow with a semi-circle with a “2x” symbol — known as the remote start button.

If pressing the start button twice starts your car’s engine, your Ford F150 has remote start since the key fob can control the vehicle’s functions. However, if the car does not start, it is not likely that your Ford is equipped with a remote start.

For vehicles without remote start option, you will need to buy a particular module and work through it with FORScan. The module is mandatory for you to get FORScan to work in vehicles without a remote start.

I researched and got myself the Ford parts number of [amazon link=”B079H42PVF” title=”JS7Z-19A361-A”/] – Ford Perimeter Plus Vehicle Security System, and I was pretty impressed. The unit enabled me to use the Lock-Unlock-Lock pattern on my previously used key fob of my Ford.

How to Remote Start Ford F150 From the Key Fob?

You need to follow a specific process to remote start your F150 from the key fob. I have provided the step-by-step guide of the method below –

Step 1: Lock the Doors

First, you will have to start by pressing the key fob’s lock button to lock the vehicle’s doors. Press and then hold this button for about four to five seconds, and you’ll see the change.

Step 2: Press the “2x” Button Twice

Then, find the button on the remote labeled “2x.” The light of your Ford F150 must now flash its light two times upon clicking this button. Later, the vehicle’s engine will get started. If the system fails to start the engine, and the quiet start is disabled, the horn will sound.

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Can You Add Factory Remote Start to Ford F150? 

Yes, it is possible to add a factory remote start to your Ford F150. However, not all Ford models come equipped with a factory remote start; thus, in that case, adding an aftermarket remote system is possible.

All of the vehicle’s components will work better that way. If you buy a super upgraded remote start for your Ford, you can always visit a professional for a successful installation.

What Is FordPass Connect?

FordPass Connect, the integrated modem, enables you to link the car’s functions by using a remote start. Firstly, this modem enables functions like locking/unlocking your vehicle from a distance. It also lets you start the car’s engine from far.

Secondly, you can use it to look for your parked car by using remote functions that will turn the horn on unless QuietStart is enabled.

For FordPass Connect to work, you need to make sure that your vehicle has the integrated modem of FordPass, your vehicle is paired in the Home tab, and your car is turned on.

The FordPass Connect app also lets you plan remote starts for your vehicle ahead of time by having schedules of specified days of a week. Moreover, the app is always looking out for your vehicle’s condition and ensures that you know the status of your gas tank.

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