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Where to Add Transmission Fluid on Ford F150? 2009+ Models

For your truck to be functioning properly, you have to ensure that there is enough transmission fluid, so you’ll have to check the level and will need to know how to add it.

After Ford removed the transmission fluid dipstick from the engine bay in their F-150 models, a lot of controversies have been stirred on this topic.

So, where to add transmission fluid on Ford F150? Although Ford has removed the dipstick from the engine bay where the transmission fluid used to be poured into, it is still present elsewhere.

You need to add the transmission fluid into a hole with a vacuum seal over the transmission fuel pan, which is close to the catalytic converter.

When and Why Did Ford Remove the Transmission Fluid Dipstick From the F150?

Till 2009 Ford had two dipsticks in the engine bay of their F150 models; the engine fuel dipstick and the transmission fluid dipstick.

However, after 2009 they removed the transmission fluid dipstick, which enraged most people.

The transmission fluid dipstick in the 2009 6-speed automatic transmission 6R80 was removed from the engine bay and shifted to a spot that made it difficult to access.

Although regular consumers were very unhappy about the removal of the dipstick, from what I’ve seen, the automobile industry experts had something else to say.

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The experts say the reason why the 2009+ Ford F150 doesn’t have a transmission fluid dipstick is so that regular drivers can’t check their vehicle transmission and transmission fluid level. 

They think that only automobile technicians and mechanics should be checking and servicing the vehicle transmission. 

Additionally, they think regular drivers could potentially damage the vehicle’s transmission system if they tamper with it much.

Hence, they removed the dipstick from the engine bay and put it in a spot where it’s much harder to access.

Where to Add Transmission Fluid on Ford F150?

The removal of the transmission fluid dipstick from the Ford F150’s engine bay is something I don’t appreciate either, just like most consumers.

Hence, in this section, I will be showing you where to add transmission fluid to Ford F150.

As I have said above, the place where you need to add the transmission fluid is near the transmission fluid pan and the catalytic converter. However, that is not enough visual details for you to find the spot where you will have to add the transmission fluid. 

First, you will have to look below the front seat on the passenger side. There you will clearly see the large transmission pan, which is sealed with bolts, and that holds the transmission fluid. 

Above the transmission pan is the catalytic converter. The spot where you will have to add the transmission fluid is very near to the catalytic converter. 

You should see a large 19mm metal cap near the catalytic converter and above the transmission pan. Before you touch this metal cap, make sure your car isn’t too hot, or else you might burn your hand. 

The metal cap has to be loosened with a wrench first; then, you can screw it off using your hands. After you have removed the cap, you will see there is a dipstick inside the cap.

You will also have to remove the dipstick, and there will be a hole through which the transmission fuel has to be added.

How to Add Transmission Fluid to Ford F150 2009+ 6R80 Model?

Now that you know where you need to add the transmission fuel, you only have to learn a few steps on how to add it to your vehicle.

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While you can flush old transmission fluid by yourself, Ford recommends you take your vehicle to an authorized dealer to get it done.

If you flush the transmission fluid by yourself, it will take more time, and the process will definitely be messy. 

There are a few ways you may be able to add transmission fuel to the transmission pan. You can connect a hose to the vacuum seal, and then through a funnel, you can pour in the fluid. 

An easier way of getting the transmission fluid in is by using a pump with the bottle of the fluid bottle. Connect a plastic dipstick tube with the bottle, and then gradually pump the fluid in. 

The Ford F150 has a fluid capacity of 13.1 quarts, but you won’t be able to add all of it at once. At first, you will be able to add about 5 quarts of fluid then it will start to overfill.

You will have to start up your engine so the operating temperature is reached, then you’ll be able to add more. 

When you’re filling in the transmission fluid in your Ford F150, you should also constantly check the fluid level to see if it has been filled to the appropriate level.

How to Check Transmission Fluid Level?

Using the dipstick, you will be able to measure the fluid level. However, before you measure the fluid level, start your engine, so it reaches around operating temperature. 

The fluid needs to get warm when you’re measuring the level because it expands when temperature increases, so in this way, you get an accurate measurement. 

In the newer Ford F150 models, without the transmission fluid dipstick in the engine bay, you can see the operating temperature from the information display.

You want it to be around 170 to 200 degrees when carrying out the measurement. 

You will have to be quick because the catalytic converter gets very hot, and you will end up burning your hands.

I would suggest you wear gloves when putting the dipstick into the hole during the measurement to avoid risks of burns.

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