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Welcome to F150Lab.

https://f150lab.com is the ultimate resource for your Ford F150 accessories, upgrades, and troubleshooting guides.

Who’s Behind This Website?

kevin shaw

Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw is a Ford F150 enthusiast and expert with a deep knowledge of the vehicle. He has a passion for pickup trucks and loves to share his knowledge with others.

Kevin writes extensively about Ford F150 troubleshooting, accessories, and performance upgrades.

He is highly regarded for his technical expertise and ability to provide valuable advice to both new and experienced Ford F150 owners.

He is also an active member of several Ford F150 forums and regularly contributes helpful tips and advice.

You can email him at: [email protected]

Who Are We?

At F150Lab, we’re a team of truck enthusiasts who are constantly sharing reliable resources so that you can have a better experience with your Ford F150.

We provide easy-to-follow troubleshooting instructions and how-to guides so you can solve the problems at home!

We search for the best-in-class accessories, parts, upgrades, and mods for your truck. We prioritize quality over brand name and toughness over trend. 

We want to build a platform for Ford F150 users so that they find the latest reviews, solutions, and buying guides in one place.

If you own different generations of Ford F150 trucks, F150Lab is the best place to be!

You may have questions about installation, maintenance, and the user instructions of F150 mods. This is why we also include a well-thought-out FAQ section at the end of our articles.

Why Should You Trust F150Lab?

At F150Lab, we deliver unbiased, and well-researched information on F150 trucks accessories, upgrades and mods. We are not associated with the Ford Motor Company, nor do we endorse products from certain brands in exchange for a commission.  

We pinpoint the reason why our readers are looking for a specific upgrade.  We want to cater to all of your preferences, so we research multiple products at the beginning.

Next, we consider their benefits, material, quality, and durability. We only choose products that are practical for our readers depending on more than one scenario. 

We also turn to online forums and communities of long-term Ford F150 users, ask them questions, make polls, and listen to their opinions.

The product selection ultimately rests on our independent editors, who have years of experience with trucks and the automobile industry as a whole.

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