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How Long Is a Ford F150? Will It Fit in My Garage?

My old truck has served me well for the last 15 years. But considering it was not that efficient, I went into looking for an upgrade.

The Ford F150 series, in particular, caught my eyes. However, there was one problem. My garage was not that large. So, I wondered how long is a Ford F150?.

In a nutshell, there is no specific length for the F150 as there are plenty of versions available. But I did manage to get info about a range for the length. Depending on the model, it will be from 209.1 inches to 250.3 inches. 

And I know there are plenty of other people that had the same curiosity as me. In this article, I will discuss everything that I learned about F150 and go in-depth regarding the dimensions. So, if you want to feed your curious mind, read through the entire thing.

How Long Is a Ford F150 Regular Cab?

You might not know this, but Ford offers different cab configurations for their F150. That is exactly what makes these four-wheelers exceptionally versatile and fit for most truck drivers. Nonetheless, the overall lengths start from 209.1 inches to 250.3 inches.

But when we talk about the regular cab, there are two different versions. The first one will feature a 6.5 feet bed. Its overall length will be 209.1 inches, which makes it the shortest F150 available in the market.

Secondly, there is another one that will equip 8 feet bed. And its overall length will be 227.7 inches. As you can see, that is about 18 inches+ increase in length.

How Long Is a Ford F150 SuperCab?

The SuperCab is a step ahead of the regular version. It will include a small seat on the back, but there will still be two main doors. Instead of utilizing large doors on the back, it will feature two small doors.

And when it comes to configurations, it will be available in two. Let me give you a fair idea regarding the two, shall I?

Firstly, there is the model that equips 6.5 feet bed. That will make the vehicle gain an overall length of 231.7 inches.

On the other hand, the second model comes with an 8 feet long bed. As you can tell, that increases the overall length significantly. It is a whopping 250.3 inches. That trait makes it an extended option available for the F150.

How Long Is a Ford F150 SuperCrew Cab?

In terms of the cab configurations, the SuperCrew is one of the largest options. There is a spacious back seat and whopping full-sized doors on the back. Just like the previous configs, you will find it in two different options.

One of them will sport a 5.5 feet bed, while the other will have 6.5 feet bed. The one with 5.5 feet bed will have an overall length of 231.7 inches. And the other one will have 243.5 inches.

How Long Is a Ford F150 Short Bed?

The shortest bed configuration available for the Ford F150 is 5.5 feet in length. It is the first version of SuperCrew. The overall size of that truck is 231.7 inches. That means even though the bed is short in size, the total length is not.

That might bring up the question of which F150 is the shortest, right? Well, it would be the regular cab option with 6.5 feet bed. Its overall length is 209.1 inches, which is about 17.43 feet.

How Long Is a Ford F150 in Inches?

As you know by now, there are a total of three different versions of the truck. There is the regular version, the SuperCab version, and finally, the Seupercrew version. If you think of the length of each in terms of inches, the regular comes in 209.1 inches and 227.7 inches.

On the other hand, the SuperCab is available at 231.7 inches and 250.3 inches. Finally, the SuperCrew comes in 231.7 inches and 243.5 inches.

How Long Is a Ford F150 in Feet?

If you do not consider the bed size and consider the overall length only, it will still be different for each of the configurations.

For example, the regular version will come in 17.425 feet and 18.975 feet. In comparison, the SuperCab will be 19.308 feet and 20.85 feet. Finally, the SuperCrew will result in 19.31 and 20.29 feet.

How Long Is a Ford F150 in Meters?

Can not relate with the feet and inches measuring system? No worries, I got your back.

For the regular version, the length will be 5.31 meters for the first version, and for the second one, it will be 5.78 meters. It is going to be 5.88 meters and 6.36 meters for the SuperCab versions.

Let me not forget that there is a SuperCrew version available too. It will be 5.9 meters for the first model, and the second one will come to 6.18 meters.

How Long Is the Bed of a Ford F150?

The bed does not have the same size for each of the versions. Let me first start with the regular version. The first version will be 6.5 feet long, while the second one will be 8 feet in size. Then, there is the SuperCab version. Its first model will have 6.5 feet long bed, while the other will be 8 feet long.

Yes, both the regular and SuperCab do have the same size bed for both the version. But the case is not the same for SuperCrew. Its first version will come with a 5.5 feet bed. The second one will boast a 6.5 feet bed.

Now, if you can not gauge how big these feet would be, 6.5 feet would translate to 78 inches, 8 feet would be 96 inches, and 5.5 would be 66 inches. Again, for meters, 6.5 feet would be 1.98 meters, 8 feet would be 2.44 meters, and 5.5 would be 1.68 meters.

Will Ford F150 Fit in My Garage?

This is the first question that came to my mind while I decided to opt for an F150. Before I get a bit further into the topic, let me reiterate the length of each of the models first. The first one, the regular cab, will come sporting 209.1 inches or 227.7 inches long, depending on the length of the bed.

Secondly, the SuperCab will either be 231.7 inches or 250.3 inches long. Then, there is the SuperCrew. It will come sporting 231.7 inches or 243.5 inches long body.

Considering all of these lengths, I speculated that the garage needs to be at least 300 inches to 350 inches in length. Well, you can possibly fit one of these vehicles in a garage that is 280 inches in length, but the fit will be tight, and you might not have that much space to walk around.

Will Ford F150 Fit in a Parking Garage?

The parking garages are reasonably small and compact. Most of them will be 18 feet long. That translates to 216 inches. So, you can see that the Ford F150 will not fit inside them.

So, if you are planning to park one of these four-wheelers inside the parking garages, ensure that they are at least 280 inches or 24 feet long.

Will Ford F150 Fit in a Car Wash?

In most cases, the Ford F150 will not have any problem getting inside a car wash. But there are some local car washes that will not have that much space.

For those, you might face a bit of an issue while trying to drive the car through the washing area.

Will Ford F150 Fit on a U-Haul trailer?

The transporting and moving service, U-haul, offers three different trailers. First, they have a small option. It is just 4 feet by 8 feet in size. And a typical Ford F150 is at least 17.43 feet long, which means the small option will be out of the equation.

Then, they have the medium option. These trailers are 5 feet x 8 feet in size. The increase in terms of width is not going to do you any favor because it is still 8 feet long. For that reason, the medium option will not be capable of fitting an F150 either.

Finally, we have a large option. It will be 6 feet by 12 feet in size. Here, both the length and the width increased. But it is still not close to 17.43 feet in terms of length. For that reason, you will not be capable of fitting an F150 inside these commercial trailers.

However, they do offer large-sized trailers on special request. I did personally see someone hauling a SuperCab trailer by using the U-haul trailers. So, if you contact them, I believe they will be capable of managing something for you.

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