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Bakflip G2 Tonneau Cover Review (2024) – Pros, Cons & More!

Bakflip G2 review

The BAKFlip G2 is a hard-folding tonneau cover that combines excellent cargo protection with easy bed access. It boasts durable, solid core panels that sit flush with your truck’s bed, resulting in a sleek and low-profile design.

Opening the cover is a breeze thanks to the simple release cables and patented latch system concealed beneath it.

With the buckle system, you can drive with the cover folded, flipped up, or closed as per your needs. Additionally, the cleverly hidden system ensures the security of your truck bed contents by conveniently locking the tailgate.


1. The Bakflip G2 features durable and impact-resistant aluminum panels

2. Flush-mounted design for a sleek, low-profile appearance

3. Easy installation with no modifications required

4. Can hold up to 300 pounds of evenly distributed weight

5. Provides full bed access when folded away

6. Compatible with most truck models, including the Ford F-150


1. Not as waterproof as some other tonneau cover options

2. 3-year limited warranty, which is shorter than some competitors

3. Overlapping rear seal requires tailgate to be closed before latching the cover

Is the Bakflip G2 tonneau cover waterproof?

The inner core of the BAKFlip G2 is made of high-density EPS (polystyrene), making the panels insulated, impact-resistant, and watertight. However, it may not be as waterproof as some other tonneau cover options on the market, such as the Bakflip MX4.

How easy is it to install the Bakflip G2 Tonneau Cover?

The Bakflip G2 bed cover features a simple, clamp-on installation that requires no specialty tools or modifications. Most applications can be completed in under an hour using conventional hand tools.

Can I drive with the Bakflip G2 cover folded or flipped up?

Yes, the buckle system on the Bakflip G2 tonneau cover allows you to drive with your cover folded, flipped up, or closed, providing versatility and convenience.

What is the difference between the Bakflip G2 and the BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Covers?

The main differences between the G2 and MX4 are the number of folding sections (G2 has three, MX4 has four), and weight rating (MX4 is rated at 400 lbs, while the G2 is rated at 300 lbs).

Is the Bakflip G2 Tonneau Cover compatible with my Ford F-150?

Yes, the Bakflip G2 is designed to fit a wide range of truck models, including the Ford F-150. Be sure to check the specific application for your truck’s year and bed size before purchasing.

Wrap Up

The BAKFlip G2 tonneau cover is an excellent choice for Ford F-150 owners looking for a durable, low-profile, and secure hard folding tonneau cover. 

While it may not be as waterproof as some other options on the market, its ease of installation, full bed access, and secure locking system make it a worthwhile investment.

If you’re in the market for a hard folding tonneau cover, the BAKFlip G2 is definitely worth considering.

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