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How to Lock a Tonneau Cover? Which Lock Is Suitable?

Tonneau covers are the perfect solution to keeping your truck bed and its contents secure.

But if your tonneau cover can be opened easily, how can it really provide the security you need for your cargo? That’s why you need to lock your tonneau covers to protect them from any potential thieves. 

But how to lock a tonneau cover? It depends on the material of the tonneau cover you are using. As tonneau covers may come with a variety of locking methods, you also need to recognize the one needed for your truck.

Tonneau covers may be either of the following:

  • Hard tonneau covers
  • Soft tonneau covers
  • Foldable tonneau covers

How to Lock a Soft Tonneau Cover?

When it comes to soft tonneau covers, you have to remember these are not the most secure cover to have. Although most people use this type of cover, just like the name suggests, it is made of soft material.

This soft material can be cut through or ripped with a sharp object and be open to any intruder. 

That’s why soft tonneau covers do not come with a specific lock. The manufacturers do not install one in it. You have to lock them using the tailgate of your truck.

Now, if the tailgate of your truck has no lock, it is highly recommended for you to install one.

  • To lock a soft tonneau cover, you have to attach the soft tonneau cover and latch it on the truck bed to cover it.
  • After that, close the tailgate. Now, the good thing about tonneau cover is that it is automatically secured in.
  • Once you lock the tailgate, the contents on your truck bed are now secure. 

Although it does not provide the best security, it definitely is better than leaving your cargo out in the open.

How to Lock a Hard Tonneau Cover?

Hard tonneau covers, as the name suggests, are made of rigid materials like aluminum or sometimes fiberglass.

As they are hard and come with their own locks, these are undoubtedly the most secure type of tonneau cover. 

This type of tonneau cover comes both with a locking system and without. If you buy the lockable tonneau cover, it will come with a key for you to lock and unlock.

But for the unlockable tonneau covers, you can find special locks made for them. There are different types of locks for this as well. 

Adding a lock to your tailgate will definitely create an extra security system for your cargo. Hard tonneau covers are the best options when your priority is to keep your truck bed safe from any intruders.

What Are the Different Types of Tonneau Cover Locks?

As I mentioned before, the variety of truck bed covers each has their own suitable way of locking. The tonneau covers that are lockable come with their own personalized locking mechanisms.

We have to take a look at which kind is used in which sort of tonneau covers. 

Locks for Soft Foldable Covers

For soft foldable covers, the types of locks suitable are:

Latch Clamp: These locks need a tailgate that can be locked for you to have access to opening or closing the cover.

Rotary Latch: Here a knob is twisted to lock or release the tonneau. 

Speed Clamp: This one is a similar but improved version of the latch clamp lock that is easier to use and less time-consuming.

Locks for Hard Folding Covers

For hard foldable covers, the types of locks suitable are:

Pull-Cable Release: This locks the back of the tonneau with a cable. And you have to pull the cable to release the latches that will let you open the cover.

Locks for Soft Roll Up Covers

For soft roll up covers, the types of locks suitable are:

Trigger Latch: As the name suggests, you have to pull the triggers until the latch loosens and opens the cover. 

Locks for Retractable and One-Piece Covers

For this type of cover, key locks are best suitable.

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