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Ford F150 Apple CarPlay Not Working – [Easy Troubleshooting Guide]

Is your Ford F150 Apple CarPlay not working? Do you want to know how to troubleshoot it? Then, you’re in the right place. 

In this article, I’ll discuss the possible reasons why Apple CarPlay is not working on your F150 truck and how you can fix it with easy and simple steps.

The main reason for Apple CarPlay not working on the Ford F150 is the Ford SYNC system glitches. Other reasons on the list are an incompatible USB module, connectivity issue, iOS update, bad cable, and bad USB module.

Please Note: You can follow this Apple CarPlay troubleshooting guide for Ford F150 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 models.

6 Reasons Why Ford F150 Apple CarPlay Not Working!

Here are the top 6 reasons for your Apple CarPlay not working on your Ford F150 truck.

Incompatible USB moduleUpgrade to HC3Z-19A387-F USB module
Connectivity issueRestart and remove your phone, then reconnect it again to your truck
Ford SYNC issueDo a soft reset
Ford SYNC issueDo a master reset
Ford SYNC software update pendingUpdate the SYNC system version
Incompatible iOS versionUpdate the iOS version
Bad cableGet a high-quality lightning to USB cable
Bad factory USB moduleInstall a new USB module

1. Incompatible USB Module

2016 Ford F150 Apple CarPlay not working? To enable Apple CarPlay functionality on your 2016 Ford F150, you’ll need to install an upgraded USB module (HC3Z-19A387-E or HC3Z-19A387-F).

The factory module (HC3Z-19A387-B) on the 2016 F150 models isn’t compatible with the Apple CarPlay. Also, you’ll need to have SYNC 3 version 2.2 or higher.

Once you install the upgraded USB hub, you should get Apple CarPlay working on your 2016 Ford F150.

2. Connectivity Issue

Sometimes, the connectivity between your phone and the truck may become troublesome.

To eliminate this issue:

  1. Restart your phone.
  2. Remove your phone from the Ford F150 device list.
  3. Reconnect and activate Apple CarPlay.

Hopefully, this will solve your problem.

3. Ford SYNC Issue

The most common reason for Ford F150 Apple CarPlay not to work is the Ford SYNC system. You can perform a soft reset to the SYNC system to solve the problem.

Press the Power button, and the forward seek button simultaneously for up to 20 seconds. You’ll see the screen goes off, and it will come right back after a while.

After the screen turns back on, give it a few moments to allow it to be set up properly. And, hopefully, the Apple CarPlay will be working again. 

If the soft reset doesn’t do the job, you can go for the (hard) master reset. It will completely remove all of your saved data and hopefully solve the Apple CarPlay issue. 

You should also check for new updates in your SYNC system. If any update is available, install the new update, which should solve the problem.

You can check out this article about the Ford F150 radio issues to learn more about the SYNC system.

4. Incompatible iOS Version

It is not always the vehicle. Sometimes your phone may cause this problem. And the major one is the pending iOS update.

The minimum requirements for Apple CarPlay to work are iPhone 5 and iOS 7.1. If you have iOS version 11.2.5, you need to know that CarPlay does not work with this particular version.

So, to eliminate the iOS compatibility issue, go ahead and update your iOS version to the latest one. And, then connect your phone to your truck via Bluetooth.

Once you do it, check if it solves the problem.

5. Bad Cable

If you’re using an aftermarket cable, you need to make sure it’s working correctly.

I recommend you use a high-quality lightning to USB cable. The Apple-provided one that came with your iPhone is good to go.

You should get a new cable if you’ve been using the current one for a long time. And if it’s a cable issue, replacing the cable will solve the Ford F150 Apple CarPlay problem.

6. Bad USB Module

At times, the USB module can be faulty, which could be why the Ford F150 Apple CarPlay is not working.

After trying everything else, if you don’t get back the Apple CarPlay on your Ford F150, I suggest you verify that the USB module is working properly. 

You need to get a new one to solve the problem if it’s a faulty hub.

Final Words

So now you know why your Ford F150 Apple CarPlay not working. Go ahead and try the troubleshooting steps; hopefully, you’ll get it solved. If you fail to fix it, please visit your dealership or an expert mechanic in your area.

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  1. Great info. What if the problem is intermittent? My phone connects to CarPlay and to charge about 70% of the time. Sometimes it works in the morning and not the second or 3rd time I start the truck. Then other days it won’t connect in the morning then later in the day it will. I’ve done the soft reset many times and I’ve tried different cords but nothing in particular seems to make it work or not work. I think it’s the USB hub but I’m not certain.


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