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Ford F150 Windshield Washer Not Working – [8 DIY Troubleshooting Methods]

You need to clean the windshield, but your Ford F150 windshield washer not working. So how do you fix it? Well, I am here to assist you to solve this problem.

In this troubleshooting guide, I will tell you the possible reasons why the windshield washer fluid is not spraying on your Ford F150 and how to fix it.

If the washer is not working on your Ford F150 truck, the possible reason can be the faulty washer motor or pump. Some other reasons include clogged spray nozzles, clogged or kinked or leaking fluid hose, empty washer fluid tank, bad fuse, and bad multifunction switch. 

You can follow this washer troubleshooting guide for the following conditions:

  • Washer is not working, or the fluid is not spraying
  • Washer pump is not working
  • Washer fluid pressure is very low
  • Washer fluid spraying only from one nozzle
  • Washer fluid spraying out in the wrong direction

Please Note: This troubleshooting guide applies to any Ford F150 model regardless of the year. Some common years include Ford F150 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

8 Reasons Why Ford F150 Windshield Washer Not Working!

Here are the eight possible reasons why the Ford F150 washer is not spraying fluid.

Washer ProblemSolution
Empty washer fluid reservoirRefill the washer fluid tank
Disconnected fluid pipeReconnect them to the nozzles
Frozen washer fluidDrain the fluid and refill again
Clogged fluid lineClear them with compressed air
Clogged nozzlesFree the nozzles with compressed air
Bad washer fuseReplace the washer fuse
Bad washer switchReplace the multifunction switch
Faulty washer pump or motorReplace the washer pump

1. Empty Washer Fluid Tank

If your Ford F150 washer is not spraying fluid, the washer fluid reservoir might be empty, or the fluid level might be extremely low. 

In this case, you’ll get a low washer fluid warning on your dashboard. You can also verify this by visually inspecting the fluid level on the reservoir under the hood.  

If you don’t have enough fluid in the tank, you need to refill it with appropriate washer fluid. And once you refill the tank, your washer nozzle should spray the fluid properly.

Also, make sure the reservoir isn’t leaking the washer fluid, look for puddles on the ground. If it’s cracked, you need to replace the fluid tank.

2. Disconnected Fluid Pipe

Next, check for the disconnected fluid pipe. Especially when only one nozzle is spraying fluid, the fluid pipe might be disconnected from that other nozzle.

If the fluid pipes are not connected to the nozzles, no fluid will be sprayed out of the nozzles. The fluid might be spilling on the engine bay or flowing somewhere else.

So make sure both the nozzles are connected to the fluid pipes, which will hopefully solve the windshield washer problem of your Ford F150.

3. Frozen Washer Fluid

If you live in cold weather, but your washer fluid is not rated for that temperature, you might have frozen-up washer fluid. 

The fluid might be frozen and stuck in the hose pipe, or the fluid on the tank is frozen. Hence your Ford F150 washer fluid is not working and not spraying out from the nozzles.

To unfreeze the fluid, you need to park the vehicle in a sunny place, run the car for a while, or use a heater. Once the fluid returns to normal condition, you can disconnect the hose from the fluid pipe and completely drain out the tank. 

Then refill the reservoir with the appropriate washer fluid for your weather. And this should solve the washer problem for you.

4. Clogged Fluid Line

One of the most common reasons why the F150 washer doesn’t work is the clogged-up fluid pipes. If the pipe does not allow fluid to flow forward to the nozzles, you won’t have any fluid sprayed out of them.

The fluid pipe is connected to the hose that comes from the pump. So disconnect the fluid pipe from the hose, and turn on the switch. Verify whether fluid is coming out with proper pressure from the hose.

If the hose is fine, the washer pump is running, and you have adequate fluid in the tank, you can be sure the pipe is clogged up.

Also, ensure the hose and pipe aren’t kinked or leaking anywhere.

So clean the clogged fluid pipe with compressed air, and hopefully, you’ll get washer fluid coming out of the nozzle with proper pressure.

5. Clogged Spray Nozzle

If your washer fluid pressure is very low or no fluid is coming out of the nozzles, the nozzles might be clogged up due to excessive dirt or ice.

In the winter, when there is ice everywhere, it’s a common problem to have. Or if you do a lot of offroading, dirt and debris can go into the nozzles, and they may become clogged. Hence no fluid won’t come out of the nozzles.

To clear out the nozzles, you can blow compressed air through them and see if it fixes the washer fluid.

On the other hand, damaged or cracked nozzles could also cause this issue. In that case, you need to replace them, and this should solve the washer fluid problem on your F150 truck.

If your washer fluid sprays in the wrong direction, take a pin, and insert it into the nozzle. Then you can reposition it by pivoting the nozzle in the right direction, which will fix that spraying issue.

6. Bad Washer Fuse

You must ensure the washer fuse is in place and not damaged or blown. You can visually inspect the fuse. It’s under the hood in the fuse box. 

You can also test the fuse with a test light to verify it’s not blown. You need to replace it if it’s physically damaged or blown, which will fix the F150 washer problem.

7. Bad Washer Switch

The multifunction switch that controls the washer fluid, wipers, and turn signals may be faulty. Hence your Ford F150 windshield washer isn’t working.

If the switch is bad, besides having the washer problem, you might have other problems like windshield wipers won’t work or wipers won’t turn off at all

So if this is the case, you need to replace the multifunction switch to solve this problem.

8. Faulty Washer Pump (Motor)

After applying all the other fixes, if you still have this problem, the washer motor may not be functioning correctly.

You can verify whether the pump is working by checking the electrical connector on the pump.

If the connector has constant power on the middle prong, and the ground is fine when the washer switch is ON, the motor should be running correctly.

But if you don’t hear any whining sound of the motor when the washer switch is pressed, that means the pump is faulty. And you need to get a new washer pump to fix this problem.

Final Words

Now you have all the information about why your Ford F150 windshield washer not working. I have discussed various reasons and possible fixes that you can quickly try yourself to fix the washer problem.

Unfortunately, if you fail to fix the washer, visit a professional mechanic.

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