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Ford F150 Won’t Start No Clicking Noise – [7 Easy Troubleshooting Guides]

So what should you do when your Ford F150 won’t start no clicking noise? Well, I know it’s very frustrating when it happens!

To help you solve the problem, I have figured out the possible reasons and fixes you can try yourself.

Generally, this issue occurs due to the faulty starter motor of the Ford F150. But there are many more possible causes, such as a bad battery, fuses, safety switch, starter solenoid, remote starter kit, and more.

In this article, I have discussed several possible reasons why your truck won’t start. In addition, I have included all the troubleshooting methods and DIY fixes to save you from significant expenses.

Please Note: You can follow this no-start-no-clicking-noise guide regardless of the model, year, or generation of your Ford F150.

Some common years include: Ford F150 1980, 1984, 1987, 1991, 1992, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.

7 Reasons of Ford F150 Won’t Start No Clicking Noise

Here are the possible reasons and solutions for your truck won’t start and no clicking noise.

Bad batteryChange the battery
Bad fusesReplace the bad fuses
Bad neutral safety switchReplace the neutral safety switch
Faulty remote starter kitReplace the aftermarket remote starter kit
Dead key fob batteryReplace the key fob battery
Bad starter solenoidChange the starter or the solenoid
Bad starter motorChange the starter

1. Bad Battery

Ford F150 won’t start and has no power, which can happen due to the bad battery.

First, make sure the battery terminals and clamps are not corroded, and if there is any sign of corrosion, clean them immediately before doing any further tests. Also, make sure the cables are corrosion free as well.

Now, test the voltage of the battery. If it has a standard voltage (12.6V or more), it’s not the battery causing the problem. But if you see the battery has a very low voltage, you should change the battery.

Alternatively, you can charge the battery and see if the voltage keeps up. You must change the battery if it can’t hold up the required voltage.

You could also try to jump-start the engine. If it starts that way, you can be sure it’s the battery you need to concentrate on.

2. Bad Fuses

When your Ford F150 won’t start, and you don’t hear any clicking sound, maybe there are bad fuses. The fuse boxes under the hood and inside the cabin contain many different fuses.

So, open both the fuse boxes and visually inspect them. Then test all the fuses with a test light. If you find any fuse that is not lighting up the test light, that’s possibly a blown one, and you need to replace that fuse to solve this problem.

Tip: If your truck model year is 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, or 2014, you may find the fuel pump fuse (number 27) is melted.

In that case, you should use a relocator kit to solve the melting problem.

3. Bad Neutral Safety Switch

Check whether the engine cranks in neutral mode. If you see your Ford F150 is not cranking in the parking position, but it cranks in the neutral mode, then it’s the neutral safety switch behind this issue.

If your Ford F150 has a manual transmission, a clutch safety switch is installed on your truck instead of the neutral safety switch.

And to fix this no-start-no-clicking-noise problem, you need to replace the neutral or clutch safety switch.

4. Faulty Remote Starter Kit

If your Ford F150 has a remote starter kit installed, there is a possibility that it has shorted out the mobilizer and the security system. As a result, the truck won’t start.

So to identify if the remote starter is causing this issue, you need to unplug the kit and check if your engine starts over.

If removing the remote starter solves this issue, to have the remote start feature on your F150, you need to install another remote starter kit and possibly a high-quality one.

5. Dead Key Fob Battery

This might be surprising, but your key fob battery can cause this issue. So check if your key fob is working.

And if the battery is dead, you should replace the battery and see if this problem goes away.

I know multiple people who just replaced the dead battery, and the truck just started fine. So it’s worth a try!

6. Bad Starter Solenoid

A faulty solenoid could be the reason why your Ford F150 won’t start, and no clicking noise.

First, check if the ground connection is fine with a test light.

Then check whether the power supply connection to the solenoid has the proper battery power. It should always get consistent power (always hot) from the battery.

Then test the ignition signal wire to the solenoid. Connect one side of a jumper cable with the signal wire and the other side to the test light probe.

While the ignition key is turned, if it lights up the test light, that means the signal wire is working correctly.

You also need to measure the voltage of the ignition signal wire. If your battery is in a good state, and the signal wire has standard voltage when the key is turned, that indicates that you have a bad solenoid.

And, you need to change the starter solenoid or the starter.

7. Bad Starter Motor

If the battery is fine and the solenoid is working correctly, but your truck is still not starting or even cranking, that means the starter motor is not getting engaged or working correctly.

That implies that your starter motor is faulty. In that case, you need to replace the starter motor.

Tip: In any emergency, you can try to engage the starter motor by lightly pounding it with a hammer a few times while someone from the inside attempts to start the engine for you.

With a bit of luck, you may get your engine going.

Final Words

So I hope I have covered everything you should know about Ford F150 won’t start no clicking noise. If the problem persists after trying my suggestive fixes, you should visit your dealership or contact a professional mechanic for help.

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