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How to Fix a Tonneau Cover Latch? Is It Easy?

Are you struggling with getting your tonneau cover to fully and properly protect the truck’s bed? If you see that there is nothing wrong with the cover itself, then chances are the issue is with the latch.

There are a lot of latch replacements you can easily get from the market. However, the main question is, how to fix a tonneau cover latch?

I’ve tested out a method myself that actually worked. And hopefully, it will work for you too.

The structure is basically the same for all types of hard and roll-up tonneau covers, so you shouldn’t need too much tweaking of the whole process.

How to Fix a Tonneau Cover Latch?

Let’s face it – all mechanical systems are bound to wear and tear at some point. The same goes for the latch of your tonneau cover. Dirt can get in the latch, and sometimes even rust stops the latch from working. 

Tonneau covers should be tight and firm when you put them on the truck bed. If you see that the sides keep snapping up, I suggest you go ahead and check the latch and fix it.

You will need a couple of extra tools and materials to fix it. And the steps are actually quite simple and straightforward if you follow them correctly.

Step 1: Gather the Required Tools

Here’s what you will need to continue with fixing the tonneau cover latch:

  • Oscillating tool/multi-tool
  • Saw blade
  • Metal washer
  • 10 mm wrench
  • Screwdriver

Do note that you won’t need all of these initially. However, if the first way doesn’t work, you can try using the other tools as an alternative.

Step 2: Check the Cables

Flatten out the tonneau cover and check the cables on both sides. If you see that they are straight, go ahead and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Apply Pressure

Around the midpoint of the cable, apply some pressure with your fingers. This way, You are basically creating a deflection in the cable. And the ends will be pulled upwards slightly because of the pressure you applied.

As a result, the firelock will snap and unlatch easily. 

Step 4: Take the Multi-tool

This is where you need to use the multi-tool. Insert the small saw blade into this machine. 

Step 5: Cut to Position

Using your multi-tool, carefully make a cut right behind where the screw is. Make sure it is a bit deep, but not too much. This small cut is necessary so that it will behave as a groove to hold the cable in place in a new and firmer position.

Step 6: Secure the Cable

Place the end of the cable in the cut you just made behind the screw. This makes the tonneau cover hold down the cable firmly in place. Now just cap on the section of the cable, and secure it with a screw using a screwdriver.

By following this method, I fixed the latch on my hard tonneau cover. So it should work for you too.

However, if you were unable to open up the latch by applying pressure on the cable, you could try an alternative method. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Use Washers for Force

After detaching the latch, place a few metal washers under where the latch was. This will move the latch ahead.

Step 2: Remove Bolts

Start to remove the bolts using the wrench.

Step 3: Reposition And Reconnect

Again, put some of the metal washers beneath the latch system. Use the wrench and put the bolts back in place. If you notice the catch, you will see that the latch is now lined up with it.

This process will ultimately fix your tonneau cover latch, and it won’t move around anymore. It will stay firmly in place and properly cover your truck’s bed.

Why Does My Tonneau Cover Keep Popping Up? 

There are mainly two reasons why your tonneau cover keeps popping open. They are:

  • Loose latch
  • Loose mounting cover

As you have read above, now you know the solution to the faulty latch problem. 

The cover will also keep popping up if the mounting cover is not tight enough. You need to firmly bolt it against the bed rail, and you’re good to go. 

Another option is to open the tonneau cover and put it back on again with proper fixtures.

Can You Fix a Tonneau Cover Latch?

Yes, you can. If you follow the steps mentioned above, I can assure you that you can easily fix the tonneau cover latch.

But if you’ve exhausted all the options, I suggest you get replacement latches and install them.

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